7 Tips to Help You in Your Freshman Year at College

Freshmen years can be the most memorable ones for any student. College life has its own ups and downs; however, it can be really challenging for some. You could be a popular and successful student in high school, but college life is different. Your academic success would have no impact on how you spend your time in college. It’s a clean slate that needs to be filled with a new routine, new friends, and new academic scores. For many, it may not be as easy as it sounds, so here are 7 tips to help any freshman student get along with the first year of college.

1.   Schedule Your Sleep

Take a breather! College is not a monster from your nightmares that’s going to devour you for entering it. The first few days in the dorm may be tough for many; being away from home,


and your bedroom may have their impact. But know that you’ll soon get used to the new environment too. The initial days will bring some sleepless nights with them, and resultantly you may fall asleep while attending a lecture. So it’s important that you understand the importance of taking rest and enough sleep. If you can’t sleep soundly at night, then schedule small naps in the noon and evening. This way, your mind won’t get exhausted.

2.   Wear Fresh Clothes to Your College

Many students don’t consider it important. They tend to wear the same clothes at college next to then in which they slept last night. This is definitely an easy routine but not a recommended one. When you get dressed for your college, you are actually preparing your body and mind for the whole day. Make a habit of dressing for college every day, and you’ll feel more alert and focused. Moreover, it’s against the ethics of a class to attend it in dirty and wrinkled clothes. Dressing up will be more welcoming not only by other students but by your professors too.

3.   Be Respectful Towards Staff

No one likes to engage or interact with a student who is a bully to juniors and means to the staff. Being rude is not cool and not appreciated on any level.  You can be angry at the professor for not appreciating your efforts in the presentation. You could be frustrated at not getting your desires grades or the librarian for not letting you get a certain book. But none of these situations allows you to be rude to your professors. In some instances, students are seen making fun of the janitorial staff, which is wrong at so many levels. You have to treat the teaching and janitorial staff equally with respect. As the saying goes, “Treat the janitor how you’d treat the CEO.” Learn to say thank you for their small gestures and apologize when you’re at fault.

4.   Follow Your Gut

It is always crucial to follow your instinct, especially in shady situations. At college, you’ll get the chance to be a part of communities, drama clubs, or other organizations. Resultantly, you’ll meet and interact with different people. However, if you are being forced into partaking in the organizations, then have the courage to say no. Do not be a part of something that you dislike. Yes, it’s good to come out of your comfort zone and test your limits sometimes. However, if things get stressful or seem shady, then back off at the first chance you get. Because if you forced yourself into it, you wouldn’t enjoy anything and it will be a time-waster.

5.   Increase Your Water Consumption

College life can be hectic but, at times, it’s the low water consumption that’s giving you the fatigue. You may feel that you’re exhausted or else sick; however, the possibility is that you didn’t drink enough water. So always keep two water bottles with you; filled to the brim with cold water. So as soon as you finish one, you can gulp the other. Challenge yourself with drinking more water every day. Consuming more water is good for your skin, hair, and nails and affects mental performance.

6.   Interact With Your Academic Advisor

A sincere mentor at a novel place is no less than a blessing. Your academic advisor will guide you on deciding major subjects, class scheduling for future disciplines, dropping out or taking courses and the course-related conflicts. So your ties with your advisor must be friendly and strong. Being a key resource in making academic decisions, you should treat him/her with respect and share every study-related issue with him/her. This way, you can build a better bond and trust. In case you cannot get along with your advisor, don’t hesitate to request another advisor.

7.   Get Durable Weather Gear

You will probably be walking a lot; from the dorm to the campus and sometimes aimlessly inside the campus.  So it would be best if you protect your feet from getting cold, sunburned or wet. Depending upon which region your campus is located in, football games take place during chilly weather. So you better have your gear ready. Moreover, long coats, caps, gloves and mufflers of good quality should always be a part of your luggage. Keep an umbrella ready by your side in rainy weather, so you have no excuse to miss classes. Not only does weather gear protects you but also adds to your style.

So these seven easy-to-try tips can be your best bet in your freshman year at college. You’ll be meeting new people, experiencing certain events, and every interaction and event will take you one step forward in life. So make the most out of your freshman year by being careful and strong. Not only these tips will help you through the year but also aide in getting better grades. With little effort, organization and good interaction, you can have a blessed time even in the alien environment of your college.


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