A Letter to Your Future Self

Dear Future Self,

I know you might find this very childlike or silly, but this letter will make you feel proud of yourself. I am writing this letter to praise you for being what you are today. You might find a few mistakes, some grammatical errors or jargon-free vocabulary here. At the same time, you will realize how much you have learned and how far you have been.

A letter to your future self Final


You and I are two different personalities. The distance from me to you is years long and challenging as anything. Somewhere in between the struggle of becoming what you are today, I lost some precious moments of my life. Therefore, I want you to do things that I couldn’t do. I couldn’t spend enough time with Mom and Dad; I didn’t spend time outside to observe nature. I didn’t touch the leaves and flowers to see them deeply. I didn’t inhale the sweet smell of the grass. I never realized the fact that I was blessed with a beautiful family that loved me and cared for me more than anything. I never enjoyed the tasty, delicious food I used to crave for because I didn’t want to gain more weight. I gave up a lot to be what you are today.

So, I want to ask you for a favor. Please live the life I couldn’t, feel and enjoy every moment, every second of your life. You have sacrificed a lot of things already. You don’t live once; you live every day. Death is the final call, before that live the best life. Rush, run, fall but don’t stop. Live every moment to the fullest.

I am not writing this letter to teach you anything. You are already a better version of me. I have worked hard to make you who you are today. That is why; I rely on you to reward me by doing things that I wasn’t able to do.

Life might be thrilling, amusing, unpredictable, fun and even dull at times but it’s a lesson, a lesson that we learn after every mistake we make. Life gives us the chance to learn something new every day.

You have seen me struggle, cry and fight. You have seen the worst and the best of me. I made sacrifices just because I wanted the world to see me as you one day. I always waited for this day; I always believed that one day you would bring me back to life. I was waiting for this day when both of us will meet and connect at a point. Your wisdom and maturity and my energy and liveliness are yin and yang to one another; we complete one another.

I am so grateful to you for taking care of yourself every day. Future self, the most important lesson I have learned from you is that nothing is impossible

From now onwards, you are my guide and my teacher. You are my strength and my hope. You are a much stronger, confident, knowledgeable, beautiful and advanced version of me.

I am so fortunate to have become you.


Your younger, proud and hopeful past self.


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