Top 4 Problems Faced by Young Researchers

Top 4 Problems Faced by Young Researchers

Gone are the days when researchers were stuck in labs doing technical things. Modern times call for dire measures that have made life a lot less fun for these young research scholars.  Today, these great minds have to struggle for funds and fame every step of the way. Ever stricter university policies are also a deterrent for young researchers.

Where previously research was based on experimentation, now extensive results from simulations are required to take the next action.  All in all, life has become tough for young researchers in academia. That is why we at PapersHelm made a list of major problems faced by researchers.

PhDs on the Rise

It’s true; there are too many postdocs out there. Students are being trained without any advice on career paths. Lack of clarity leaves too many students with advanced degrees without any clue on applying their knowledge in the real world. As a result, young researchers often end up doing menial jobs with little pay and become vulnerable to exploitation. We at PapersHelm reviews think that outside of academia, there is little scope for researchers. That’s why the concept of ‘academic wealth’ is merely an illusion.

Big Promises but Little Follow-up

From teachers, supervisors, to industrialists, big promises are made. Research scientists take these promises to heart and learn the skills needed to get a job in the industry. But, most of the big companies have small research units with minimal funding and personnel. Plus, these skills are often ignored in the way of making money. As a result, young researchers are often disillusioned by the ordinary and low-quality research taking place in these units. Their passion for research fades with the passage of time. This is a major problem in third-world nations.

Uncompetitive Supervisors

This can be a major hindrance to becoming a quality research scientist. Poor supervision is not unheard of in academia. Many supervisors may claim a researcher’s work as their own, or show indifference, or be overly demanding. Some may be downright cringe-worthy. So, PapersHelm suggests you report such individuals right away or just make a run for it. The harsh truth is that most institutions care more about the money you bring in rather than the talent and skills you have to offer. So, better manage your hopes in the future.

The Mad Rush for Grant Money

This is perhaps the biggest problem for young scientists. There are too many researchers but very few grants available, leading to a lot of competition.  Many exceptional researchers fail to secure a grant because they are unable to write papers or grant proposals. The major reasons can be a language barrier or lack of training during their academic years. Plus, there is great demand for self-promotion these days, which can definitely knock out some of our more humble researchers from the competition.

Academia is a demanding field, even more so for young research scientists. This is because they lack experience. Plus, their networking may be limited to a small setting, which can hinder their success. It is imperative for young scholars to adapt to the changing times and become better communicators if they ever want to change this fate.

PapersHelm reviews these 4 major problems to prepare young researchers for the future they are likely to have if they do not take matters into their own hands. Experts at PapersHelm encourage you to follow your dream of becoming a top-notch researcher by improving writing and self-promoting skills because grades alone won’t take you far.

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