4 Tips to Improve English Learning From News

4 Tips to Improve English Learning From News

Whoever thinks English can only be learned in classrooms and from books has another think coming. One of the best sources of gaining knowledge about various topics all over the world is the news. Though a more serious medium of info-sharing, it is definitely one of the most reliable ones.

Rest assured news does not have to be depressing. You can learn a lot about how people communicate in the real world.  Check out these tips by PapersHelm experts to know how news can be used to improve English.

Keep in Mind the Level of Your Learning

More often than not, things get lost in translation when watching the news or reading the paper. This is due to your limited understanding of the English language. If you are an advanced learner, reading the Wall Street Journal or watching CBS videos would be a breeze. But if you are a non-native speaker, or have learning disabilities, then you will struggle in understanding what the reporter has to say.

PapersHelm suggests you check out the weekly column ‘Learning Network’ of the New York Times to understand American English better. Solve the quizzes given to improve your word choices and punctuation. For fans of British English, BBC offers ‘Words in News’, where a list of difficult words is provided by reporters and a story is created based on those words. This is a great way to improve vocabulary and increase creativity.

High-Quality News Should be Your Only Type of News

The web is not all things good. There is a lot of low-quality content based on wrong facts, bad grammar, and complex sentences. This type of news can be a real pain to follow and will demotivate you from listening or reading it in the future. To avoid such a fate, we at PapersHelm reviews suggest you search for news with the simple and clear writing style. Stick with the news that has short sentences based on the subject-verb-object pattern.

USA Today is one the best papers for English language learners because of the direct writing style it has to offer. Learning English by the Guardian is another popular newspaper with a crisp writing style. With just a click of a button, you can now switch from one language to another to learn new words to add to your current vocabulary.

You Should Like What You Watch and Read

Whether it is about politics, sports, or health/ makeup tips, make sure you read and watch the kind of news you like and are not just interested in. If you like politics, read the Huffington Post. If you like sports, tune into ESPN Football Club. If you want to get latest tidbits on fashion, try InStyle Magazine. The point is there is something out there for everyone. It just takes time and patience to find the right newspaper or channel to grab your attention. Just give voice to your likes and dislikes and the choice will become clear.

Use a Pen When Reading Out Loud

Loud reading is a good way to retain info and improve pronunciation. Add a pen to this reading habit and you are on your way to becoming a pro at English. Why the pen, you ask? It’s simple. When reading, you will likely encounter difficult words, underlining these words will allow you to remember them better, and check their meanings right then, or later. This activity will make you an active reader and help improve your understanding level to a great extent.

The struggle to learn the English language is quite real and a source of constant demoralization for many people. But it does not have to be so. There are a lot of resources available today to help you improve your language skills. Just make sure you choose the one that you would want to spend time and energy on.

The news is one of the most effective ways to improve language and communication skills. The experts of PapersHelm believe these tips can help you better understand how conversation can start between two people, and what techniques can be employed to keep it going. All of this and more is possible with reading and watching the news. We at PapersHelm think it is high time for people to choose the right newspaper and news channel if they want to excel in English.

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