Tips to Score Better in International Language Tests

Tips to Score Better in International Language Tests

Want an internationally renowned Master’s Degree from a university? Being able to communicate in English is compulsory for you. For this, your English should be good enough to interact with your classmates and lecturers easily. Beside this, you should take part in all the activities like researches, projects, and presentations etc. For this various online writing services are available.

To certify that candidates willing to take admission in Business schools meet the standard, English Language tests are conducted. PapersHelm reviews two main globally acknowledged tests.

  • TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language
  • IELTS International English Language Testing System

These tests are conducted by thousands of universities in almost 130 countries worldwide.


TOEFL is a trademark of the Educational Testing Service; its format has been changed thrice. First, it was PBT that means paper-based TOEFL test. The second format was CBT that is computer-based TOEFL test. PapersHelm reviews when attempting TOEFL, there are certain tips that you need to keep in mind.

  • Focus on English that is spoken in the class and school.
  • Don’t stress over by going through the test format again and again.
  • Read advertisements, textbooks, encyclopedias, research articles, and
  • Watch modern day English TV shows.
  • Communicate with your friends in English.
  • Work on your writing and time management skills.


IELTS is conducted to test the aptitude of overseas English speakers in English. The time period of this test is 2.5 hours with an additional 15 minutes. PapersHelm reviews that this test has two genres. One is IELTS Academic and the other is IELTS General Training. Many professional companies are also conducting this IELTS test. These tests are also divided into four sections; writing, reading, speaking and listening.

Here we will tell you some of the tips to score high in these international English Language tests

  • Don’t be over-confident, no matter how good you think your English is.
  • Focus on areas where you are weak, don’t stick to those areas where you excel already, for too long.
  • Work hard on your vocabulary.
  • Be careful and attentive and practice daily.
  • Involve yourself with the native English Speakers.
  • Watch and listen to English news channels on Television or Radio.
  • Practice from the past papers which are accessible online.
  • Find out the acceptable score to clear the test.
  • Read a lot of English novels, books, magazines and newspaper.
  • Give priority to revision on daily basis.
  • Time management is important. Make sure you finish the test before time.
  • Take care of the spellings and punctuation.
  • Work on pronunciations.
  • Learn from your mistakes and make sure you don’t repeat it again.
  • Try to finish your test before time so that you can recheck it.
  • If you are stuck on any question, leave it for the time being and attempt the next.
  • Follow all the instructions given to you very carefully.
  • Be self-confident and take care of your body language and expressions during the interview.

Following all these tips can be tough. For the majority of people, the fear of failing is much stronger than their will and potential to achieve something. PapersHelm reviews that a little hard work and dedication are all you have to do for accomplishing your goals.

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