25 Amazing Facts about the English Language You Never Knew

The English language is a universal language spoken by almost 375 million people worldwide. Currently, the Oxford English Dictionary contains 171,476 usable words while the number of obsolete words has crossed the figure of 47,156. Students all over the world know the importance of the English language and are willing to learn it by heart.

We believe knowing facts about a language is as important as learning it. Read the following interesting facts about the English language that you may not have known before in addition to PapersHelm reviews.

  1. The wall-space between two windows has a name, which is interfenestration.
  2. A building that measures 100ft × 100ft is a hecatompedon. For more insights, read PapersHelm reviews.
  3. If you write every number in words, the letter B will only be a part of the range Billion.
  4. In his composition, Bleak House (1853), Charles Dickens coined the word ‘growlery’. This word means a place where one likes to go when in a bad mood or suffering from bad health.
  5. ‘Acnestis’ is the part of an animal’s back that cannot be reached for scratching. It is from a Greek word meaning ‘cheese grater’.
  6. The verb, ‘to explode’ had quite a different meaning originally: ‘to humiliate a performer so that he gets off the stage’.
  7. The color orange did not get any name until half a century ago.
  8. The word ‘schoolmaster’ is an anagram of the words ‘the classroom’.
  9. Q letter is only 1 letter in ever 510th.
  10. The word ‘scissor’ was originally the title given to a Roman gladiator. The gladiator was equipped with a dual-blade dagger, or a pair of blades or swords to fight in an arena.
  11. ‘Jamais-vu’ is the opposite of ‘déjà-vu’, meaning a sensation or feeling about something completely new but somehow familiar.
  12. ‘Spoonfeed’ is the longest word with the letters in reverse alphabetical sequence.
  13. Shakespeare first used the word‘puking’ in his play ‘As You Like It’.
  14. The word ‘bamboozle’ means to ‘cheat someone’ and is from a French term ‘embabouiner’ that refers to ‘making a baboon out of something’.
  15. The suffix, ‘-ology’ is added to ‘o’ making it ‘oology’, referring to the study of eggs. It is also the shortest word with a suffix.
  16. When used as a verb, the word ‘owl’ means to appear and act in a wise manner, all the time having no clue about it.
  17. ‘enneacontakaienneagon’ is the word used to define a shape having 99 sides.
  18. ‘Percontation’ is the word for a question that requires more than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for an answer.
  19. ‘Gowpen’ is the word to define a bowl, made by cupping the hands together.
  20. A person who braggingly tries to dictate over any discussion is known as ‘Puckfist’.
  21. Letter ‘E’ is the 11% of the complete English language. Learn more English language tips with PapersHelm.
  22. A person, who relishes criticizing or is unnecessarily harsh to others, is a ‘Zoilist’.
  23. The words ‘Happy’ and ‘Sad’ are used 3:1 in the ratio in the English
  24. The word ‘Witzelsucht’ defines a sporadic brain disorder. The sufferer develops a tendency to make inappropriate and lame jokes and stories.
  25. The word ‘Whipper-tooties’ are baseless and worthless reasons given to not making efforts for something.

Hope you had as much fun learning these facts as we did. Now, you can understand how deep the roots of the English language go. You can use these words and show-off your knowledge without any worry.

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