15 Digital Tools to Make Life Easy for Researchers

15 Digital Tools to Make Life Easy for Researchers

Digital tools offer many benefits to researchers. Researchers can use digital tools for literature survey, sharing data and code, communication, writing, publishing and evaluating research. PapersHelm has a list of 15 digital tools that can make life easy for researchers.  These tools can help stay updated with literature, improve navigation and enrich the reading experience to a great level.


This portal helps with data search, stats, reading, sorting and storing. The tool provides options for field expert identification and can help you find relevant journals as well. Check out PapersHelm reviews for more news.

Data Elixir

This site provides a new collection of science resources, news, and innovations from around the web on a weekly basis.  You will always be up-to-date with new research.


This is a set of web apps for researchers. It’s an online app to find, comment, and rate as well as manage research papers. This will make your research much more efficient.


This is an excellent and unique platform to manage scholarly references, network with others, and access tools for article visualization.


This is a tool that helps combine documents, chats, checklists, and spreadsheets to collaborate on any device.


This tool hooks you up with organizations that require data prediction algorithms with the best codes via open competitions.


Researchers looking for breakthrough discoveries that are influencing the world can find them with the help of this tool.


This tool offers numeric laboratory notebook for managing protocols, experiments, and sharing them with the team.


This tool can help understand experimental conditions by connecting sensors to instruments. This can be a useful tool for researchers working in labs or doing in-silico studies to develop new tools and instruments.


If you want great coding with beautiful highlighting of syntax then this is the tool for you to use. PapersHelm keeps you updated on all the latest tools, so keep reading.


Many researchers struggle to find appropriate funding to publish their papers, but now they have digital tools like Publiconn to help them out. This is a social network platform where private and public donors interact and provide funding.


This is the perfect platform to write academic, scientific, and technical documents collaboratively. Your research will improve to a great level.


This Microsoft add-in can help improve your English writing skills a lot. You will be able to write better research or grant proposals and have a better chance of publishing your work.

Journal Guide

You may write a great paper, but not publishing it in the right journal can come at a great personal and professional cost. This tool can help find you the best possible journal for your research. It does so by comparing search scores, publisher, and journal name as well as the impact factor.


If you want a top review of your written papers before publication, here is the right tool for you. PapersHelm reviews that this tool conducts sentence-level peer-review to give comments, references, and opinions in addition to online content. Other review tools like Libre and Rubriq are worth mentioning.

Research can be tricky to deal with. The things that can go wrong are aplenty. PapersHelm is always at the forefront of discovery and sharing of new information. With these digital tools, you can overcome the most common problems in research and write a paper that you can be proud of in little time.

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