7 Ways to Improve Your Reading Speed in College

7 Ways to Improve Your Reading Speed in College

A higher reading speed is associated with better reading comprehension. Acing your exams will become so much easier and your teacher will be happy for your efforts. These are some tips we use for reading that greatly improve the reading speed. Just test them out and see if they work for you or not.

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Read at the Right Time

The time of the day at which you read is quite important. If you are reading a textbook, better read it earlier than at night to retain maximum information. However, if you are reading a story or a novel that interests you, you can read it any time of the day. You must keep visiting PapersHelm to know good reading and writing tips for further improvement.

Choose a Good Reading Place

The place where you sit to read affects your reading speed. If you are in an area with a great deal of noise, you will be easily disturbed and distracted. For a better reading experience and retention of information, it is better to select a quiet place. A quiet place comes with other benefits. For example, you can read aloud without worry and improve your reading speed considerably.

Preview Reading Material Before Starting

It is better to have a look at the material you are about to read before you start reading it. Skim over the contents to see if they grab your attention. Know your objectives of learning and preview accordingly. This will help you select the reading material of your liking and you are likely to work more diligently on improving your speed.

Eliminate Sub vocalization from Your Reading

Sub vocalization consists of mentally repeating what we are reading. It is the tendency to say words in one’s head when reading and that is why most people are slow readers. It is a deeply ingrained habit so breaking it takes some time and practice. A tip: Read aloud or at least in a whisper if you want to become a fast reader. Read PapersHelm reviews for more tips related to academia.

Jump Between Groups of Words

Another tip is not to read the sentences word for word. When reading, let your eyes skim ahead, so you are forced to read faster in order to keep up with your sight. Make small jumps with your sight when reading the sentences and mentally group words (2, 3, or 4). Again, it will take some time and practice to develop these habits, so hang in there.

Use a Guide to Practice

When learning to read as children, we used our finger as a guide. Well, turns out, you are never too old to use childhood tricks again. To improve your speed, you can use a finger, a pen or a ruler to keep track of the words you are reading. This habit along with the previous two will help you read much faster.

Avoid Rereading for Better Speed

People reread mostly because they fail to concentrate on the words. No matter what you are reading, engage in active rather than passive reading. In addition to previous tips, you can improve focus by taking systematic breaks for a minute after reading for 15-20 minutes. Avoid all other distractions when reading if you want to improve your speed considerably.

Reading is a great habit in life. It keeps your mind healthy and is a great way to spend your free time. Using these tips can help you choose the right reading material and improve your speed as well.

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