5 Reasons Reading Makes You a Prolific Writer

5 Reasons Reading Makes You a Prolific Writer


Stephen King was in his right mind when he said that: “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have time (or tools) to write. Simple as that!”  This statement implies that reading should have priority over writing.

Reading is one of the best habits that a person can develop for a variety of reasons. Why so? Here are top five reasons by PapersHelm that will open your eyes to hidden wonders reading can do for your writing.

Reading Paves Way for Inspiration

You will find no shortage of writers describing books and characters that inspired them to start writing. Amazing characters embroiled in clever plots and twists in stories allow you to think more and thus, imagine more.

We at PapersHelm believe the more you imagine, the more you will be inspired to write your own thoughts. That is because reading allows one to have ideas that have the potential to be something more when written effectively.

Vocabulary Improves

Avid readers know that reading gives them an edge in writing over those who do not read. When you read, you come across a wide range of words, both simple and complex. These words when added to your mental list of words can give your writing an extra flair.

As you read newer words, you come to understand their use in different contexts, which helps in your writing process. Plus, you don’t have to consult a dictionary every five seconds, so that’s a good enough reason to start reading.

Fewer Grammar Mistakes

Yes, that’s right. No need for those extra grammar classes or online courses when you have a good reading habit. PapersHelm reviews that actively checking out grammar in books one reads is a good reading habit.

Once you have a fair grasp of grammar used in books, you are likely to follow the same structures and rules in your own writing, thus automatically improving it. Your ability to spot your own errors, when writing, will improve, clearing your path to become a more prolific writer.

Focus and Memory Improve

The focus is a necessity for every writer hoping to write something well. Reading gives you a distraction from less trivial activities while simultaneously increasing your intelligence. It helps reduce stress, which allows you to focus better on the task at hand.

Reading helps improve critical thinking skills and memory as it helps boost brain power.  All of these factors attribute to greater focusing ability. This ability to focus flows into the writing process as well.

Reading Plants Seed of Self-Discipline

If you read every day, even for a short while, you have developed a habit. This habit gives you strength and discipline to continue on the path of learning. Considerable time and energy you spend on reading can easily pass onto your writing. The more disciplined you become, more motivated you will be writing your thoughts and ideas on a paper.

Reading, like writing, is an art that takes time and energy to master. Reading inspires you to view yourself as a writer, giving you the courage to put words on a paper for everyone to read. If you want to be in a league of great writers then it is time to grab a great book and read on, because your writing depends on it! Don’t waste time and follow the advice of PapersHelm and start reading today!

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