8 Ways to Improve Writing Speed During Exam Paper

8 Ways to Improve Writing Speed During Exam Paper

The speed of writing is very important during an exam. If you want to score well, you must know how to manage your time during exams. Your writing should also be readable. These two elements can maximize your chance of scoring good grades. However, finishing paper within the time limit may be difficult for some students. That is why PapersHelm reviews 8 ways you can improve your writing speed and manage all your writing tasks on time.

Divide Your Effort

Make sure you put effort into writing the answer for each question according to the scores ascribed to each question. Skim through the whole paper before starting it and check out marks against all questions. PapersHelm recommends you answer high-scoring questions first and with the same level of detail as required. Don’t go overboard in answering lengthy questions as you will not be able to answer other questions within the given time.

Obtain Information from the Exam

As experts say, the answer usually lies within the question. It is recommended by experts at PapersHelm that you read each question carefully, underline the parts that need to be answered, and then allow yourself a moment to think before writing the answer.

If you remember a relevant piece of information about certain part of the question, write it down somewhere, so that you do not forget. You will find that even the longest of questions, when tackled in this manner, will lead to an easy understanding of writing the most appropriate answer.

Don’t Rush It

It is very common that questions you attempt in hurry are the ones that take the most time. When you are going through questions towards the end, you realize you missed some points. You can avoid that by keeping calm as you address each question within the given time. Again, staying focused and to the point is the key to time management and effective writing.

Focus on Your Own Paper

Curiosity is in human nature, and for students, it becomes two-fold during exams. Students have the tendency to look around to see how everyone else is doing. To think how others are doing is a huge distraction. You must avoid this if you want to finish writing your paper on time. Focus your mind on the best way to respond a question rather than wasting it in this manner.

Prioritize Questions

The teacher who prepares a test against the clock does not expect a student to solve everything, but to solve what he/she knows. The idea is to complete the part of the exam that seems easier to solve. This can allow you to dispense with questions at a faster rate, giving you more time to do the difficult ones. So, to do well in exams, answer the questions you are confident about, first because that will give you the courage to attempt the rest of paper more rationally.

Be Mindful

Hourslong exams can be tiring and you may feel lazy in between. Remember to pace yourself during exams. No need to write so fast that your writing becomes illegible. The timeless lesson of ‘slow and steady wins the race’ may come in handy here.  The best thing to do is practice writing answers when preparing for exams beforehand. This practice can help improve your speed and focus.

Control the Nerves

All of us experience pressure at one point or another during exams, which leads to us being stuck. We may require several moments to gather our thoughts to think of an answer, while the thought that time is slipping away is rattling in our head. This is the true test of your perseverance and how well you can handle pressure. It is imperative you don’t despair; rather take a moment to close your eyes, take a deep calming breath, and think of all the possible answers. This small activity can do wonders and allow you to search the deep recesses of your mind. More often than not, the answer will come to you.

Above tips can help you overcome the barriers of limited time to write more speedily for an exam. Not only will you develop a good writing habit that will help you take down notes more quickly in class, but you will also finish exam faster and have more time to prepare for the next one.

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