Fun Games to Learn Present Simple/Indefinite Tense in Class

Fun Games to Learn Present Simple-Indefinite Tense in Class

Out of the 12 tenses of English, Present Indefinite Tense appears to be quite problematic for students.  It is definitely not as simple as its name indicates. To start with, let PapersHelm specify the rules first,

  • Use of ‘s’ with a verb, only, when speaking in the third person (he/she/it)

Example, ‘she eats’, ‘he drives etc.’

  • Use of ‘do’ with a verb, when speaking in first and second person (I/we/you/they)

Example, ‘do you have any idea?’ ‘Do they ever stay quiet?’

  • Use of ‘does’ with a verb, when speaking in the third person (he/she/it)

Example, ‘it does not have to be this way’. ‘Does he pray at all’?

Seems easy, right? But the tricky part comes when most of the learners overlook pluralizing the verb with the third person. Or forget to add ‘do’ and ‘does’ at the beginning of a question.

Examples, ‘you want to come?’ Or ‘Linda drive home every day’.

Simply learning and memorizing the rules is never enough, unless or until one practices them for real. PapersHelm reviews some cool and fun games today for learning Present Simple Tense.

Guess the Picture

How to Play

Take out any of your course book with pictures in it. Work in pairs. Ask your partner to select a picture and select one yourself. You are not allowed to reveal your pictures to one another. Now player 1 should let player 2 ask certain questions about the picture he/she has not seen. The questions should be in present simple tense. Examples,

Is there a girl or a boy in the picture?

Doe the character appear glum?

Is he with someone?

Player 2 can make up to 3 wrong guesses before guessing the picture correctly. This is how the game goes on.

Score a Goal

How to Play

Make 2 teams. Assign each team a colored piece of chalk or a pen. Now draw a football pitch on the board, 2 goalposts, and a center line. Each player is given 3 chances to make a goal. Write 1, 2 and 3 from the line to the posts on both sides of the line. Now write all the wh- question words on one side of the board; all except whom.

Divide into 2 teams and choose a captain for your team. Now one person should write a verb on the board.

One team should choose a question from the board using the given verb.

Example, where do you go? What does she sing? Etc.

And the game goes on. The aim is to make as many goals as possible by using the verb tense correctly. If any of the team makes a mistake they get a penalty. For every next turn, choose a different captain to represent you.

PapersHelm reviews these fun games for students who face difficulty in remembering the tense rules. We hope that you play these games and learn the tense easily.

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