How to Manage ‘I Can’t’ and ‘I Don’t Know’

How to Manage 'I Can’t' and 'I Don't Know'

You and many students like you must have been in situations where you did not know what to do. This happens when a sudden question from your teacher catches you off guard or a question is too hard to answer. Many times, students encounter relevant situations in the classroom where confusion blocks their pattern of thinking. In those particular moments, they either refuse to respond or pretend to be ill-informed.

This week Papershelm reviews and shares some alternatives to your answers like ‘I can’t’ and ‘I don’t know’. As much as confusion plays its role here, language barrier and lack of vocabulary can be some other reasons. Papershelm gives you alternatives that will help you in converting the situation in your favor even if you don’t know the answer. The alternative phrases are below:

  1. Will surely let you know as soon as I sort the answer out
  2. I came across few ways which don’t work for it
  3. I am yet to figure out how it happens
  4. I’m sorry I need some more time
  5. Still, I haven’t been able to resolve it
  6. I need some help with it
  7. Before I move to my answer I would like to say
  8. I will surely answer, but I feel a bit overwhelmed right now
  9. I was a bit confused but now I can…
  10. I feel shy about giving the wrong answer
  11. If I knew something I would have answered by now (with a smile)
  12. After analyzing it,
  13. Allow me to look deeper into it
  14. Let me search
  15. Let me look into it
  16. I am actually not sure, what to…
  17. I am not certain about it but
  18. This particular thing here is pinching me
  19. I have a hunch about it
  20. I think the best way to answer it is
  21. I am unable to understand…
  22. I can answer this question if only…
  23. I want to Google it first
  24. Right now, I can tell you that …
  25. I am going to start responding to

These along with various other phrases can help you express yourself.  Many students perceive the inability to declare their lack of information as a failure. This is the root of the problem. You need to understand that it’s okay if you don’t know much about a certain concept. You can use the above statements to satisfy your teacher.

PapersHelm reviews these alternate phrases to provide you with newer means of speaking up. Not replying to a teacher or answering negatively may disrupt your reputation. However, if you answer in a proper manner and state your problem, it might ease the situation for you. If you don’t know how to answer a question while doing homework, you can visit

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