PapersHelm is Debunking 7 Myths About College Life

PapersHelm is Debunking 7 Myths About College Life

If you think that college is all about partying, you are sorely mistaken. Many myths are circling about college life and Papershelm is here to debunk them all. We want you to have better insight into college life and learn to manage your expectations. College is an important time of your life and we want to make it a more enjoyable experience as well. So, read on!

You are Allowed to Skip a Class

You may find it difficult to attend a class at 8 after being out with friends late at night, but it is important. You cannot skip any of your classes, regardless of whether something useful or not is being taught. A missed class can make a real difference in your grades and attendance. It will also leave a bad impression in front of your teachers.

Students Rely on Technology

Technology is not the only source of information that students rely on. In that case, there would be no libraries or offline resources. Students use a lot of printed information, educational websites, and other apps for assistance in college. If you think you can rely merely on the internet for a college education, think again.

Professors are Unfriendly

Honestly! They are your professors and are there to teach you, not to pamper you. So, be wary of such clichés because you will be surprised to find professors are willing to help you out as long as you put in the work. That is what office hours are for, so PapersHelm recommends that you use this time wisely.

Devil-may-care Attitude is the norm

Oh no, do not fall into that trap. The wrong attitude will get you nowhere. Students have to maintain a certain decorum in college or they risk expulsion. This means working for your grades and not being lazy. Sassing your teachers and skipping homework are not the way to succeed in college.

Community Colleges are not Good Enough

This stereotype is not true at all. If you cannot afford a private college, it is better to go to community college. The courses being taught are mostly similar so don’t allow people’s opinion deter you from getting your degree.

The Four-Year-Rule

While most undergraduate degrees can be completed in four years, some students have to spend an extra year or two. There is no reason to be ashamed because research shows that less than 40% people complete their degree in 4 years in the US. PapersHelm reviews the myths for you so that you can enjoy your time at the campus for an extra year or two.

College Degree Will Determine Your Career

As human beings, we have a tendency to change and as a result, our interests change. So, a college degree has little influence over our career choices. But that’s okay; you may still get a stellar career, even if it was not the one you studied for. The knowledge will always come in handy. While it is important to choose good colleges with good degree programs, it is not the only determinant of your success.

We at PapersHelm want you to believe in who you are and continue making effort because that will be the difference between success and failure. The bottom line? If you believe in any of the myths mentioned above, then it’s high time that you change your perception.

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