6 Useful Activities to Indulge in Summer Before College

6 Useful Activities to Indulge in Summer Before College

Time seems to cease when you are waiting for something to happen. You can relate to this feeling if you are simply bored of your long summer vacations and can’t wait to join college. The idea of joining college sounds great but students don’t usually prepare for it the right way.

Guess what? You can use your summer days to prepare for college. We will teach you how you can do that. Papershelm reviews some great ideas for you to try out this summer before you join college.

Attend Your Orientation Class

It’s hard to wait when you don’t have something worthwhile to do. So what you can do is attend an orientation session at your college. This session will enlighten you about your campus. It’s good to know spots, prior to joining, where you can hang when you won’t be taking your classes.

Refresh Your Mind

For next 2 years, you will be reading and writing. However, your reading habit will be limited to course books and hand-outs. Why not devote present time to some cool novels or stories you have always wanted to read? Besides, it is always good to read something adventurous or innovative for love of reading itself.

In case you cannot find something good to read, GoodReads may help you in process. Also, you may check the website of your college and find out reading suggestions by the college.

Learn a Language

Surely, you must have taken some lessons of French or Spanish in your high school. And at that time learning a new language would have only been a requirement of the syllabus. However, in college knowing more than your national language can give you an edge in your studies. You can become a source of knowledge for other students as well.

Take a Tour of Your City

If you are going to a boarding college, where you’ll be spending rest of your college years, coming back only for vacations, then you should take out some time and take a tour of your area. You’ll be coming back here only for vacations and certainly, you’ll be missing it.

Take Remedial Course

To meet criteria for your college degree, some colleges ask students to take remedial courses prior to joining college. These courses can be taken at local community colleges. So check if your college has put up the same condition. If so, then this summer you can take this course and scores will be transferred to the college.

Check Your Finances

Away from home in a new place, you might need more than usual pocket money. You need to make sure that your credit card accounts and bank accounts are set up. You also need to gear up for any required financial aid, scholarship or loans. Furthermore, bring your parents or guardians on one page regarding finances you might need. You need to decide who will be paying your fee and who will be paying for other expenses.

Making most out of your free time in summers will not only bring you peace of mind but it will also be helpful in your future. Papershelm hopes that you take these two cents and spend your summers in well-thought activities.

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