Top 10 Grammar Mistakes Defined by Microsoft

Top 10 Grammar Mistakes Defined by Microsoft

Most students agree that grammar mistakes lead to bad grades. However, you may still end up making grammatical errors as a student. How to avoid these errors? Well, the first step is to identify the errors that you have been making.

By using the data collected from the use of latest features of MS Word, Microsoft released ten most common mistakes of grammar.  Here we have scribbled down these grammar mistakes which are defined by Microsoft.

Without further ado, PapersHelm reviews the list of top ten grammatical errors so that you can avoid them in your writing.

Too Many White Spaces

One of the mistakes is giving more than one space between the words such as “To    the right”. This mistake is very common and it can be easily set aside. We think it’s okay to give extra space between words as long as it’s grammatically correct. But, in actual, it does not look good. So, you need to erase all the extra spaces between the words.

Punctuation (missing comma)

Commas are used to indicate pauses such as “If it rains we will not go”. This sentence seems like the person who wrote is either snapping at anyone or like he is out of his breath. Or the person is trying to just finish the conversation or he does not want to be a part of the conversation. Now a comma in this sentence can make the context clear.

Missing Comma After Introductory Phrase

It is necessary to put commas at the right place because missing comma creates confusion. So, commas deserve to be placed in the right place. The meaning of a sentence is lost if a comma is missing, especially after the introductory phrase.  For example, “At first we need to ensure his presence in the party”. Here, a comma is required after “at first”.


Hyphens are used to group the descriptions. They not only make the writing easier, but at the same time allow dangerously creative word combinations such as “semi-biweekly” and “Frankenstein-esque”.

Subject-Verb Agreement

One of the biggest mistakes students make is the subject-verb agreement such as “The boys plays”. These mistakes cloud the meaning of a sentence.


Capitalization mistakes are the most unprofessional ones. Toggle case makes a sentence look abrupt. Moreover, inappropriate capitalization makes a sentence look very bad such as “He is Playing football”.

Plural and Possessive Forms

It is a fact that the words like “it’s /its” are still a mystery to many people, even the rules are not very difficult to understand.

Form of Verbs after Auxiliary

The most common mistake people make is the incorrect use of a form of verbs after auxiliary such as “we had ate the lunch”.

These may not be all the grammatical mistakes of English language but these are the common ones. If you wish to start your journey towards improving your grammar, you can begin by avoiding mistakes mentioned above. Keep visiting to learn about ways to improve English in college.


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