Top 10 Ways to Enhance Your Intelligence as Student

Top 10 Ways to Enhance Your Intelligence as Student-min

Intelligence is the ability of acquiring and applying knowledge or skills in any given setting. The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) can change over time and things like IQ tests are not reliable. Research shows that intelligence can be enhanced and one does not have to limit themselves because they think they are not intelligent enough.

It is important for students to hone mental abilities. As the mind is a muscle, working it out is very important to keep it flexible so that you can achieve your goals. Papershelm reviews top 10 tips that students can use to enhance their intelligence.

Read, Read, and Read

Reading is the foundation of intelligence. The more you read, the better you will be able to absorb new information and get those muscles in brain working.


Set goals as they allow you to create some structure in life. A structured life is a sure way of acquiring more intelligence as it allows you to spend time learning new things.

Try Meditation

As exercise helps you get in shape, meditation allows your mind to get in shape. PapersHelm suggests that you allow those dusty cobwebs in your mind to clear with some good meditation.


Water is important for your health in general so don’t treat your mind different than the rest of your body. The right balance of water and other elements helps maximize the efficiency of brain cells. Drink water to replenish your mind so you can learn better.

Games as Tools of Intelligence

According to the American Alzheimer’s Association, brain games like “Sudoku” challenge the brain and improve logical thinking. It may help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Simplify your Thoughts

For those going mad with a cluttered mind, relax already! Intelligence can improve only when you acquire and apply new knowledge or skills. For that to happen, you need to unclutter your thoughts one at a time. This is not only productive but also a boost for mental capacity.

Eat Heartily and Rest

The life of a student can be very hectic, and two things always get compromised: eating and sleeping habits. Try to start your day with a hearty breakfast as it is directly associated with high mental performance. It is recommended to eat yogurt as they can promote the growth of neurons. Students should also get plenty of rest because it helps improve efficiency and can increase mental prowess.

Time for Math Questions

No wonder so many people hate mathematics. It requires more hard work and using brains. Solving math questions can help exercise the brain, and it gets stronger and faster. Buckle up, students!

Do Crosswords

It is high time to make crosswords your favorite pastime. Crosswords allow the brain to get the necessary workout for you to get more intelligent with time.

Get Your Brain Working Continuously

The brain should be kept active always except when sleeping and taking periodic breaks. One excellent way to increase intelligence is by learning to play an instrument. The reason is that it involves triple-tasking: listening, reading, and playing. Thus, not only does your intelligence increase, you get to show-off as well.

According to PapersHelm reviews, intelligence is hard to quantify. No matter how many tests you give online or otherwise, doubt is an inherent part of our nature.  Rather than spending all your time surfing the internet for new tricks to increase your intelligence, PapersHelm has listed the healthy life choices students can make to improve their knowledge and thus, intelligence. Remember you can become smarter every day and improve your intellect if you just focus on achieving goals and keeping up the hard work.

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