Ways to Review Your Writing Like a Journal Editor

Ways to Review Your Writing Like a Journal Editor-min

Reviewing your write-up is very important. It makes your writing perfect.  It’s not possible to get your research recognized by a reputable journal if it’s not well-written. You may be a good writer but getting acceptance from a journal is difficult. You have to go through many rounds of revisions before your paper gets accepted.

If you want to publish your paper, we can help you to edit your research write-up like a pro. For reviewing your write-up like a journal editor, PapersHelm reviews below-mentioned steps:

Skim Your Writing

The best way to review your writing like a journal editor is to look through your writing to get its logic. At first, read the title, introduction and then headings to know that how this writing is organized. Initially, just skim to identify the topic that you are addressing.

Give Your Writing a Quick Read

After skimming, you need to read your writing from the start until the end. This will help you understand the overall impression of the writing. You need to identify the main argument at this stage. Then, you should underline or highlight the paper in the introduction as well as a conclusion.

Reread Your Writing and Take Notes

After reading your write-up, analyze the document heading by heading. You can also take out a print and write comments and notes in the margin. If you prefer a digital copy, then write your comments in the comments section. You need to note organizational problems, formatting issues, typos, and terminological inconsistencies.

Evaluating the Write-up

In this part, you have to examine the introduction and problem statement in detail. Ask following questions:

  • Does the introduction map out the structure of the writing well?
  • Does it address the problem, significance, results, and techniques?
  • Does it lay out the groundwork clearly?
  • Does the conclusion summarize the key points and justifies the main argument?

Examine the Structure


Check whether the structure of your writing is reasonable and appropriate or not. Examine the style of your writing and ask following questions to yourself:

  • Is the language of your writing clear
  • Are the ideas stated simply?
  • Are puncuation, grammar, and terminologies correct?

Analyze the Organization of Your Writing

The organization is very important for any writer. The appropriate organization makes it easy to understand. So, while reviewing your writing, check either you have organized the writing as per the writing requirement or not. For example, there should be a proper introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. A good introduction presents a clear idea of what you are going to discuss in the coming sections.

Check Grammar and Typos

One of the most important tasks of reviewing the write-up is checking grammar. Check every sentence word by word. A paper without grammatical mistake gives a very good impression on the reader. Moreover, spell check is also important in any writing. This is the last activity of reviewing your research paper like a journal editor. You need to check spellings and typo errors too.

We hope these tips will help you review your research papers and journal submissions effectively. If you need an expert to review your paper, contact academic consultants at PapersHelm.

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