Top 7 eLearning Websites for College Students

Top 7 eLearning Websites for College Students

Many students, these days, search for cheap learning options. They go for online courses and websites rather than attending academies. Students find these sources to be cheap and easy to access. You can resort to online sites and avoid paying a hefty fee to academies.

Papershelm reviews some of the most useful and instructive sites. Students can use these sites for personal learning. These sites offer great help in studies. These sites also offer further studying options; up to graduation. Check them out!


This website provides a wide variety of topics. It has aligned with universities, institutes, and museums, and offer free classes to students. Students browse any topic, and many free courses pop up. The website asks “What would you like to learn about?” and leads you to the topic. It’s an easy way of learning.


It is one of most famous scholastic sites. TedEd has a high repute among scholars and students. Students can access a wide array of topics from this site. Along with lectures from moving speakers, topical videos are available. The duration of videos is short, and they contain vital info.

W3 Schools

The website aims to teach web designing to students. This site has courses that dig deep into many aspects of web designing. Students have countless options to select from. They can learn HTML, jQuery, PHP, SQL etc. Students can take online tests and tutorials to complete courses. They can also get a certificate for an extra fee.

Open Culture

This site has free scholastic options. Students have to sign up on the site to take courses. Some colleges and campuses offer these courses on different subjects. Students can also get internet-based certificates after taking courses.

Code Academy

Coding is an interesting field. Many people show their interest in learning how to code. Code Academy is one such site that supports students who wish to enroll in this field. The website helps students in selecting a relevant course for students. It also offers practical references for those who want to make a career in coding.

Academic Earth

The name explains website itself.  The site works with the goal of spreading education across the globe. The idea is that everyone should get an education and it should be open for all. This site mainly helps areas that are low in education. In addition to courses, they offer video series for learning as well.

Open Yale Courses

Yale offers free online classes for students. The bright side is that Ivy League instructors teach in online classes.  This is an amazing opportunity for students and a great step taken by Yale University.

Papershelm proposes that you get best out of these websites. You can visit these sites and enjoy free online courses. The impact of online courses on your learning will amaze you. Online courses are a great way to learn in an easy and fast way. You can visit this blog to know more hacks of improving your college life. You can also visit

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