8 Perils of Academic Success

8 Perils of Academic Success

Life at college is evolving, and that means you need to adapt as a student. Sticking to conventional writing techniques in college not only kills your creativity, but it also dulls your competitive spirit. As your partner in achieving success, we do not just want to inform you of challenges; we aspire to reshape your college life day in and day out.

Papershelm reviews below given eight ways that you can follow to become a better and more effective writer.

Multitasking: A Big No, No!

Multitasking is a burden rather than skill. Many studies eulogize multitasking, but you are better off without it! If you feel that your essay is taking more time than usual, take a step back. It’s time to analyze your writing routine. If your routine includes usage of cell phone and watching TV, then it’s time to adopt a new habit. Set a timer. Set your writing goals and take control of all distractions around you.

Endeavoring for Perfection

Trying too hard to be perfect steals not only your energy but also your time. That includes spending excessive time on your topic selection. What you can do instead is find a list of the topics. You may ask someone else to pick a topic for you. Whatever they pick is what you will work on. If you are unhappy with the topic, then change it or add your perspective.

Shun Traditional Study Methods

Nowadays, we have apps for everything. For photos, there are editing apps, and for the kitchen, there are recipe apps. So, why are we still sticking with traditional study tactics? You can turn it around. Just improve your essay writing skill using educational apps. Online tools such as editing and proofreading, citing sources and managing research results are useful. They can be found easily on the internet for free!

Search, Search & Search

Instead of trying hard to search material from scratch, try finding sample essays that are related to your topic. Read them; gain some insight into your topic. You can also note down important points, as your research will depend on them.

Stick with Traditional Essay Structure

The generally accepted structure of an essay is:

  • 1 paragraph introduction
  • 3-4 paragraphs body
  • 1 paragraph conclusion

Maintaining traditional essay structure will hinder you from writing excessively to support topic. So be comprehensive, be productive. Surely, your professor will appreciate your effort!

Death from Monotonous Content

You can make use of stories, interesting facts, latest discoveries, and rhetorical question. You may also use dialogues to hold the attention of readers. Avoid using dull or tedious content, as readers won’t find it interesting. Also, avoid repeating same ideas in different words. This puts a bad impression on your reputation.

Include a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is an important step in an essay.  It summarizes your major ideas, expresses your position, and provides a roadmap for your essay. Therefore, it is mandatory to put a thesis statement at the end of your introductory paragraph. Moreover, thesis statement tells the reader about the gist of the essay.

Refrain from Jumping Between Ideas

To keep confusion at bay, refrain from switching ideas rapidly. Instead, link all your ideas together and help your readers understand your thoughts. You can do this by incorporating a transition between various paragraphs. Add different ideas using a variety of words. You can take help from others in this respect.

We hope that all these tips will help you in bringing your essay close to perfection. So try these tips, and you won’t need essay help anymore! Improve your essay writing ability by putting tips, mentioned in this blog, to test! We assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

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