Classroom Tech That Doesn’t Exist Anymore

Classroom Tech That Doesn’t Exist Anymore

Technology has been a loyal companion of education. Teachers and students have both enjoyed benefits of technology. However, the evolution of technology has been speedy. Various techs were used in classrooms, but they do not exist anymore.

Papershelm takes a stroll down memory lane and discusses tech that was commonly used in classrooms. This tech was a blessing for contemporary students. But new technology has taken its place, and old classic tech is obsolete now.

Let’s have a look at now-extinct classroom tech.

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

A decade ago, when the modern tech had not ripped its way into classrooms, students used to take help from dictionaries. Whenever they encountered any difficulty, they used to run to the library or open up a dictionary.  But now students simply open up Google and look for the particular word.

Scientific Calculators

Having a black and white body with pixelated graphics; scientific calculator was in possession of every student. But they are now replaced by smartphones. Now that everyone has a smartphone, calculation and solving equations is no big deal. Both techs, however, are capable of efficiently solving problems.

Language Cassettes

Language CD’s or cassettes were definitive language teachers back then. They taught students how to make a sentence, and pronounce words. These cassettes asked students to repeat words or sounds after them for better understanding. Now, these tapes are replaced with online audios and apps.

TVs and VCRs

TV and VCRs were a compulsory part of schools back in 2000. Teachers used to show course related movies and documentaries to students. Some teachers also used them to show breaking news for additional information. But now they are replaced by projectors and USBs. Some teachers prefer using flat screens for showing videos or presentations.

Chalkboards and Whiteboards

Chalkboard and whiteboards were a popular way of teaching. Where chalkboards are oldest, whiteboards replaced them soon after. But now trends have changed. SMARTboards are the talk of the town now. Tired of messy chalk dust or filling marker ink, again and again? SMARTboards are more convenient.

Floppy Disks

Floppy Disks, like many another class techs, were replaced soon with CDs. Known for storing data, floppy discs were replaced with CDS. And CD’s were then replaced with cloud storage and hard drives. Although floppy disc could store less data, it was considered a very useful tech by the students back then.


Students today may not be aware of this small library of data. Microfilms were tiny pieces used to store documents of newspapers in archives and libraries. Microfilms were small and easy to use. They could store newspaper in a better way and consumed less space.

Classroom technology then and now has always been resourceful for students. Tech keeps transforming yet utility remains same. PapersHelm reviews this old tech to pay homage to benefits it provided for students.

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