Make your Essay Longer Without Writing Useless Fluff

Make your Essay Longer Without Writing Useless Fluff

Running out of ideas while writing an essay, and not quite reaching the defined word limit is a nuisance. We all have been there, and many of us resort to fluff to make it to a certain word limit or page count.

In this blog, Papershelm reviews some dos and don’ts of writing essays or any other document without relying on useless fluff to lengthen your essay. So keep on reading!

Do: Tons of Research

Performing tons of research beforehand is an effective way to gather information. Read books, search the internet, record the suggestions and opinions of other people or do whatever is necessary for you to have enough relevant material before beginning the writing process.

Don’t: Increase the Page Margin

Your evaluator is probably too seasoned to fall into these traps. Although you can tweak the margin by a few inches, your essay will stick out as it will have unique formatting and structure from the rest of the essays. So never turn to this trick for increasing length!

Do: Develop an Outline

Performing extensive research before the writing process will help you create a thorough outline. Planning an outline will enable you to sort information, strengthen your arguments and identify your weaknesses. Also, it will allow you to elaborate your ideas in a detailed manner.

Don’t: Choose a Larger Font

Opting for a larger font may seem like a good choice, but it will also make your essay stand out from the rest. Most students use Times New Roman with 12 font size, so sticking with something like Tahoma or Ariel in 12 font size for the sake of increasing the length will only compel the teacher to score your essay low.

Do: Explore Your Topic from a New Angle

Exploring your topic from a different angle is great especially when it comes to argumentative or persuasive essays. After explaining your POV, you can research your topic from a different perspective and add counterarguments. Explain the counterarguments one by one through logic and your POV. This will not only lengthen but strengthen your essay as well!

Don’t: Use Purple Prose

Purple prose is a type of text that is so flowery, ornate, and extravagant that it breaks the smooth flow and draws attraction to the structure instead. Using complex sentence structure and difficult words to explain a simple phenomenon is not a way to go by. Also, overly dramatic and wordy structure will be the doom of your essay!

Do: Let Someone Else go Through Your Essay

Letting someone go through your outline or essay will help you identify your weaknesses and logic holes that you missed in your draft. Other people may have some suggestions, opinions, and ideas of their own. By letting them read your drafts, you can introduce their thoughts, ideas, and suggestion into your essays to increase the length!

By utilizing these tips and some other techniques that we have shared in the previous blogs such as prewriting and note-taking strategies, you can a have stronger and well-organized essay without resorting to unnecessary fluff! If you cannot complete a long essay because of short deadline, contact Papershelm.

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