6 Online Tools Students Should Use for Group Assignments

In the past, learning was limited to classrooms, and individuals found it difficult to work on their own. But as the time has changed, new tools are introduced for students to learn in groups. Learning is not dependent on time or distance anymore. However, some help is always welcoming and offers improvement.

In this context, many tools are available online that can help students in their academic career. But only knowing the names of these tools is not enough. Students need to understand their functions and implement them in their studies. Otherwise, students might get anxious. These tools will help you in improving your communication and collaboration skills.

PapersHelm reviews the following tools for you.


ProofHub is specially designed for the distant learners. This tool improves organization within a group and enhances communication. At ProofHub, students can easily interact through discuss different issues through group chat and find quick solutions for them. This tool makes sharing information, documents, and files a very easy task. Furthermore, the notes provided by the tool help the students in creating impressive content.

Google Doc

Google Doc is a very famous tool among students. This tool helps the students in preparing a document, accessing it from any location, or even editing when required. You can always add drawings, tables, images and links in your document. Changes are automatically saved during the typing.  There are many other features of the tool that are helpful for the students. Group members can work collectively on the same document.


Skype is an online video chatting tool. This tool helps in group communication, sharing of documents and live video calls. Skype is a choice for many students nowadays because of the ease of use. Teachers can conduct online video classes via Skype and so it makes group learning easy. The features of Skype are very easy to use, and it is accessible for individuals of every age. However, the use of Skype is limited to certain time zones.


BigMarker is a new, comprehensive tool that offers synchronous video chat. This feature makes the group discussion easier in real-time. The chat can also be recorded for later use. This tool is very powerful and promising for group learning.


MindMeister is a tool for collective planning or brainstorming in the initial phase of group learning. The group works on a single mind map document. This tool provides you with various mind maps, SWOT analysis, and project planning ideas. Apart from a synchronous video chat, a live chat option is also available.


SlideRocket is an online presentation creator. You can access it from any location around the world. Group members can collectively work on a single presentation. A discrete URL is assigned to every presentation document. Students can embed this tool in different web pages or discussion forums. The presentation can be decorated with audios, pictures, and themes. Moreover, slides or the complete presentations can be reused and shared.

We highly recommend these tools for you. Using these tools will enhance your learning in a


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