How to Study for Exams

Exams are often (read always) accompanied with sleepless nights, tensed mind and anxiety but it doesn’t have to be like this. You can turn around your horrendous exam experience into a blissful one by following the study tips we have found just for you!

So without further ado, dive into these tips and dominate your exam season like a pro!

Rewarding with Treats

Place chocolates, candies or any other treat at different stages of the lesson that you are learning. The idea is to provide you with enough motivation to get you through your lesson without making it dull.

Moreover, limit your treats to small items that can be gulped down without feeling full. Heavier meals will make you feel sleepy or extremely full thus defeating the purpose!

Find a Study Partner

Find a study group or a partner to help you get through your lessons. Finding a partner is one of the most effective study tips as your partner may have all the answers to your questions and vice versa.

Set a time, study hard for that specific duration and you can gossip with your partners all you want after the end of each session.

Eat Healthy Meal

Binging on fatty, heavy, or junk items will make it harder for you to grasp your notes mentally. On the other hand, eating a balanced, healthy meal that is high in proteins, Omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables will help improve your memory.

Drinking coffee or chugging energy drinks may seem like a good idea to stay awake during exam season, but such drinks will only increase the toxin levels in your body.

Take Short Breaks Regularly

Studies have shown that taking breaks after a small study session improves the brain function and helps it to retain information for longer periods. So instead of hunching over your books for many hours, set a time and take a 30-minutes break whenever you start you feel overburdened.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water to enhance the functionality of your brain. Ditch your coffees, energy drinks, sodas, and any other carbonated beverages. Keep a water bottle by your side, and take a few sips now and then to help your brain stay alert!

Review Previous Papers

A good way to score better on your exams is by analyzing the previous papers for the structure. This is also a good way of preparing yourself for what’s to come. You can get your hands on past papers through your teachers or from your school library. Moreover, when reviewing the papers, practice writing down the answers in a defined period.

Don’t Cram

Although you may be tempted to pick your books a day before your exams and cram all the information, this is not a helpful way of retaining information for longer intervals. With cramming, you feed your brain with tons of information that is easily forgotten within a day or two.

So say goodbye to cramming and follow the study tips that we have listed for you. Trust us; your brain will thank you for not putting it through agonizing moments just because you forgot to prepare ahead of your exams!



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