Best Writing Tools to Help Finish Your Homework

Academic writing can be a daunting task when you have to balance deadlines, formats, citations and various other requirements. Fortunately, there are many tools present online which can help students in organizing their homework or any other assignments. While there are many students who only use their fingers and brains to complete their homework assignments, there are still many out there who would need help with the below mentioned writing tools to finish their homework.

1.     Grammarly

Grammarly helps students at all levels of expertise to enhance their spellings, grammar, and vocabulary. It can also be added to Microsoft Word as an add-on. The benefit of this add-on is that you do not have to run the software again and again to check the readability of your assignment. Grammarly is considered to be the best tutoring tool for academic writers to learn from their mistakes. It highlights all types of mistakes more accurately than any other writing tool. It would be best to say that the tool not only improves your homework assignment but also your overall writing experience.

2.     Evernote

Many students are given homework assignments which are not limited to writing only. To cater to the other types, Evernote is all you need. This application helps the students in setting reminders for their upcoming assignments. Students are also able to take pictures, make videos and record voice notes with this app. These things can later be synchronized with your homework assignments. Another benefit of Evernote is that you can take small notes whenever you want which can also be synced with your assignments. The app is easily be downloaded from Play Store and App Store.

3.     Google Docs

I am sure many people have heard of Google Docs already, yet they are not sure how this app is helpful for students. The first thing which you already know is that Google docs is a writing platform which helps any person compile their old and new documents to give out the best. Another best thing about Google docs is that it gives the writer many writing advantages which come under limitations when you write on Microsoft Word. Google Docs is absolutely free while Microsoft Office starts at $100. The “Tools” sections is something that is made for the students. The citation and footnotes section works best with research papers and other academic papers for compiling references.

Grammar and Spelling Tools

There are many tools and applications available which help students in checking the readability, grammar, and spelling. Below mentioned are some of the most used apps.

1.      WhiteSmoke

Whitesmoke is one of the highly rated programs for checking grammar, punctuation, and spelling. The interface of the program is designed user-friendly, and any student can use it.

2.      After the Deadline

This program highlights the common spelling and grammar mistakes for students. It is a free program that works best when you are running out of deadline.

3.      PaperRater

PaperRater is an online tool which is commonly used by many students to check the plagiarism in the paper. It also measures the readability of your text and other grammar mistakes.

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