Improve Writing Speed: 5 Unusual Hacks to Write 1000 Words/Hour

Producing quality material in a defined timeframe is a difficult task to overcome. Writer’s block, lack of research, and tons of other things can hinder you from making the most out of the deadline.
It’s time to leave the misery behind and produce volumes and volumes of texts within an hour by using these helpful tactics. Also, these tips will help you speed up your overall output!
Use Automation to Save Time
To save millions of keystrokes and tons of hours, incorporate automation into your writing habits. Automation is when you can expand an entire phrase by typing in the shortcuts. Tons of apps (like TextExpander) exist that expand custom shortcuts into longer, frequently-used texts.
So keep such apps at hand and save your time by typing in the shortcuts of the frequently used phrases.
Turn off Spell Checks
Nothing breaks your writing flow better than being reminded of spelling errors in the form of the red line under faults. Although you can get rid of the red line by adding the words in the dictionary, this breakage in flow can throw you off balance. Also, many writing tools like to remind us of our deliberate innovation of words through that red line, so it is better to get rid of it altogether.
You can switch off this feature during the writing process and later turn it on to check any mistake that you may have made.
Play Games to Increase Your Speed
Writing slower than your brain churning out ideas is a problem well-known among the writers. Our clumsy typing pace holds us back from penning out brilliant ideas and phrases being produced by our brain. But there is nothing to worry as there exist many typing games on the internet that will help you strengthen your typing game. or includes various interactive and fun games to quicken your typing speed.
Don’t Let Posting Schedule be Your Boss
Some posts can make you hit the writer’s block the instant you look at the topic. The key here is not to panic and instead look for other topics for inspiration. If one topic is taking much more time, drop it like a hot brick and switch to some other topic. You can always return to the previous topic when inspiration strikes back!
Challenge Yourself
Developing a competitive spirit will help you hone your writing speed. Simply, challenge yourself to write any material of 500+ words in a defined timeframe. Be it five minutes or a half-hour interval; write to develop a habit of speed writing. Keep doing these mini-challenges, and by the end of each one, you will have enhanced your typing little by little.
Writing quickly is difficult, but you can enhance your performance by testing out these tactics. It may take you months if not years to reach your goal, but it will all be worth it in the end! Write plethora of posts in reduced time by enhancing your typing speed through these tactics. can also help!

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