3 Tips Every Writer Needs to Learn from Editors

Writing is a skill that often needs polishing. Be it a seasoned or an inexperienced writer; everyone needs an editor to deliver impactful content to various categories of audiences.
Often, receiving criticism or feedback isn’t always the simplest of things as no likes being told about the existing flaws in any material that took hours, if not days to create it. But here are a few things that any writer could learn from editors to polish his writing skills.
Criticism is not a Personal Attack
It is human nature to love the things that came into existence due to your role in its creation. Same goes for writing. As writing requires extreme efforts and time, it is only reasonable to find yourself attached to your produced pieces. Where oohs and aahs are expected, strong criticism can break your spirit down! But instead of feeling shattered by the harsh comments, try to use the same thing as a driving force for developing perfect papers.
Moreover, a good strategy for not feeling personally attacked is by distancing yourself from your work. Your writing is not a part of you, so don’t treat it like one.  The more attached you are to your writings; the more difficult it becomes to digest criticism so respect your work but never allow it to cloud your rational judgment.
Value Your Audience’s Feedback
Not being offended by the harsh comments and feedback from your audience requires a lot of practice. Moreover, viewing the criticism as something constructive requires even more practice. After overcoming the wrath of being commented by someone else, try to view the feedback in another light.
It is easy to be offended, but try to imagine the perspective of the critic and understand why he said what he said. By adopting this strategy, you will get to know a great deal about your audience, how they perceive you, and how you can enhance your style to avoid such feedbacks in the future. Moreover, be happy that someone has taken out time to inform you about your weaknesses and shortcomings and learn to take the feedback as a compliment!
Appreciate Diversity in Your Criticism
Cultural upbringing and varying social norms can blind a person from seeing the world from an open perspective. Writing about something that is ordinary in one societal set-up could be a taboo in another setting.
By striking friendships with people who are residing thousands of miles away from you will help you see things in a new perspective to which you were previously blind. This extra piece of criticism will help you conquer things that are unique and groundbreaking.
Receiving feedback and comments is never fun, but you can turn it all around by using the same criticism to see and eliminate the flaws and the shortcomings embedded in your writings! To be a better writer, learn to welcome criticism like an old friend. Visit papershelm.com if you need services of polished writers!

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