Manage Your Timed Essay in a Timely Manner

One of the most daunting tasks for any student is to write an essay on a short deadline. It always takes something extra to write an essay under pressure. But do not worry I am here to share all the tips and tricks to write an amazing essay in a very short span of time.
Prepare Yourself
You might have only a little time left in your short due essay and you also have to prepare for the exam. Just as you have to study for any test, you might want to study as well for the due essay. I’m going to share some tips with you with are going to help you write an amazing essay.
Don’t waste your time in doing nothing, you might want to take a look at the notes you took during the lectures.
Try to remember the dates, names and facts etc. The more information you keep in your head, the better you will be able to perform during your exam.
If it is open book, then use a highlighter or a pen to highlight important points in the book. You can also use sticky notes to note down the page numbers etc. So that at the time of test, you will know where to find what.
Understand Your Topic-
First off you need to relax the moment your question paper arrives. You should know that you cannot waste your time in stressing over. Take 5 minutes in reading the entire question paper. It is very important to completely understand the topic and do not let you brain wander or worry.
How to Respond
Dump your memory and recall the information, but if you are still under stress you won’t be able to recall anything.  For every question make sure your answer is well organized. Do not jumble up the answer with whatever is coming in your head. Always start with question who you can answer to.
Develop Your Essay
Now develop each of your answer and write it down. Do not develop your entire essay like a blog post. You must create a summary first and break down your essay into main points. According to the summary, make sure your each point is well discussed. In the end make sure you have ended your essay with a well written conclusion. Otherwise your essay would be of no use to anyone and is not going to get you any good grade.
Final Review
Before you make the final submission, make sure you read it thoroughly. Timed essay is one of those essays which give you time pressure and when a person is writing under pressure, there is a high risk of spelling and grammar errors. Now you must read your essay thoroughly and look for any grammar, typo or spelling mistakes.  Edit your mistakes and also check the formatting before submitting your essay.
If you follow the above mentioned steps you will surely end up writing a superb essay.
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