Impact of Bad College Essays

No matter how many times you have written an essay during your academic career, it never ceases to apprehend you. All of us commit pointless blunders while writing an essay. Nothing can spoil your reputation the way a poorly executed essay can. Unlike mathematics and algebra, good writing is a skill which stays with you throughout your life.
Mentioned below are a few most common and absurd essay writing mistakes that students have been making in their academic career.
Wrong Topic
The purpose of writing an essay mostly on an unseen topic is to unleash your creativity and imagination. But students make a huge mistake when they a choose a topic only because it might seem easy. You cannot make anything work unless you express your true self. You have to be very considerate in selecting an accurate topic on which you can write fluently.
It is often seen that essays are disregarded by the professor only due to the bad presentation. You might have expressed your point of view very vigilantly but you can still be ignored because you were too lazy to draw margins or add a format to your writing in case of hardcopy. You did not care to add an outline and conclude your essay in form of a summary. You failed to make an impression through a gentle visual presentation. These are some of the naïve mistakes students make out of slackness.
Grammatical Errors
Writing “I didn’t knew” is a sin for an English professor who is marking your essay. Never rush too much while writing to the point where you forget grammatical rules which your mom has been teaching you for years now. Even if you are not so good with grammar, you can always learn, which is obviously better than losing your grades.
Too Deep and Complicated
You think you have an insight in topic nobody else can have? Feeling as if you are making a holy contribution to reader’s knowledge through your deep and twisted philosophy on the subject? Bad Move. You might actually have a point there but you cannot make the reader understand it in an essay in which you have to cover various aspect of the topic. You cannot obsess with one perspective and frustrate the reader.
I know you have written an excellent piece of literature after a whole a lot of study but that does not make your document error free.  You certainly can’t avoid mistakes but you can take measures to minimize them.  That is why re-reading happens to be an important stuff. It can highlight mistakes you might have made during writing. Now so that you are familiar with all these common errors it should be less likely for you to commit any of these while writing an essay.
We hope these tips will help you polish your essay writing skills so that you won’t have to suffer in academic career because of the quality of essays. Happy essay writing!
The very purpose of this blogs is to familiarize you with common essay errors so that you can avoid them while writing an essay. If you still feel like not writing an essay, you can approach to save you from this mess.

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