Analyze Your Movie Paper with These Tricks

You find it very interesting to write a paper which is on some movie and you can’t wait to get started with it. No matter you are a huge fan of movies, but you still cannot write enough about it. It is much harder than you can think. You should know that you will have to look closely, and watch even bits of it to analyze it in a better way. It’s time to keep your personal opinion aside and follow the below mentioned steps now.

Decide Your Focus

Before you play the movie you usually arrange your popcorns and get settled to have fun while you watch it. Remember that your goal is to analyze the movie, before you do that you must learn which part to focus on while you watch the movie. There are a few important aspects of which you must analyze e.g. view point, camera shots, angles etc. Take a general idea about what the movie is about, don’t just start watching it with the intention that you will simple watch it and you will analyze it in the end. Make sure to keep a remote in your hand.

Take Notes

I know it kills the fun to pause your movie and write down something and then play it and then pause it then so on. But trust me, you will need to do is since you just cannot remember everything happening in the movie. Keep a notepad and a pen with you while you watch your movie. This way you will be able to note down important points in the notepad without having to keep them in your head.

Share Your Ideas

Once you have started taking notes, you got to review them too and plan to compose a draft after that. You must decide the format you are going to follow while you compose your draft. If you are given specific instructions by your professor then make sure you follow them otherwise find an appropriate to organize your ideas in a thought-out way.

Draft Your Thoughts

Before you begin sharing your thoughts, make sure you have planned the format of your paper just like any other academic paper. It needs to have a rock-hard introduction, powerful body paragraphs and a well thought out conclusion. The key point of any essay would be its analysis and while you were watching the movie you must had taken notes and now it’s time to organize your thoughts in form of a draft. Your ideas must not have wordiness like creepy music, lame camera shots or dummy effects etc. make sure you use the right choice of words and compose your draft with the help of those notes you took while watching the movie.


You think you have learned all the steps and have successfully drafted your movie review essay? Well you kind of have but there is one last step which you still need to learn. And that very step is to review your paper in the end.

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