Tips to be Productive and Fun This Summer

Decide Whether to Be Fun Productive or Both

Fun Tips

  • This summer you must plan a trip, somewhere you have never been before. Planning a trip doesn’t mean that you plan to go somewhere very far away. You can use road trip planners or ask a friend for his experience about any trip, before you actually leave for the trip.
  • Now you must take a look at your to do list and make sure you check one of the tasks. You must set a goal that you think is not easily achievable and when you try to achieve it, it is going to be fun.
  • Another point is that you keep doing what you love doing. Or you can make a schedule of your 30 days task and later when have accomplished them; you can make a blog and talk about them all.

Productive Tips

  • While you are on summer break, you can take short course at your school. This will give you two benefits, one is that you don’t have to take the course during your school time, second your transcripts would be impressive to your teachers.
  • You can prepare yourself for some useful tests like ACT or SAT. There are many online academies who offer their preparation services at a very low cost. May be you should give it a thought.
  • You must get rid of things that do not give you any happiness. If you got any books, clothes or anything that doesn’t really matter to you should be given in the charity.
  • Read some useful articles which can be beneficial for you when you get back to your school after the summer break.

Productive and Fun Tips

  • Take an online course for something that charms you.
  • Watch some TED talks and get your mind blown away.
  • Take care of your garden once in a week.
  • Help mom in the kitchen
  • Create your own online quiz


  1. Exercise

When you are free you can work on developing new hobbies and one of the best hobbies can be exercise. Doing regular exercise can be beneficial in many ways. It doesn’t only keep you fit but also plays a great role when it comes to health. So make sure doing regular exercise becomes one of your habits this summer.

  1. Let’s Have Fun

There is a fun practice that you can do every day, it is easy and simple. Take out your cell phone and email yourself a reminder of something you can do in 24 hours. This can be anything from a book to donating it. Set yourself a reminder and do it within 24 hours.

  1. Please Yourself

Once you are doing all the above mentioned tips, you must congratulate yourself by the end of the summers. Create a list of what you have achieved and what went unachieved. For the tasks you have completed, you must give yourself a treat for completing it.

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