Tips to Write a Short Essay to Impress Your Teacher

“Short” is most likely to be called a ‘Comparative’ term. It is evident that sometimes you are assigned to write a short essay by your English professor which is around 3500 words, whereas your history teacher has assigned you with a short essay which is approximately around 500 words. This can confuse you in many ways. You might not understand what exactly is required by your professor to be written in your short essay assignment. Do not worry; today you will learn about how to impress your teacher with a perfect short essay assignment.

Understand Your Topic

The first thing that you need to understand is the topic of your assignment. You must gather enough information about the assigned topic since your teacher is going to evaluate how much knowledge you have about the topic. Understanding your topic means you are required to more research not just visit Wikipedia and take notes. You must explore 6-7 pages on internet and take down the important information that is mentioned. Talk about the facts and stats rather than the introductory stuff only. You can also read your textbook or course book to see if there are any notes present in it which can be useful while you work on understanding the topic and its requirements.

Establish Your Thoughts

Once you know what you are required to do, your next step is to get your thoughts together. Now you must gather all the notes you took down and organize them in a right way. You need to figure out what you are going to talk about in your short essay. You also need to figure out if your short essay is required to be written in arguing, comparing or informing tone. You must do that before you start writing.


Another good point to write an amazing short essay is to outline it. Now that you have prepared yourself for what you are going to write, you need to set the right sequence which is going to save you a lot of time. Your outline needs to have factual data in it with the right authenticity. This should give your reader the idea about what your entire paper is going to be about.

Do not write Extra Stuff

While I tell you about the things that need to be added in your short essay, let me also share what needs not to be added in your short essay. The most important thing is wordiness, you must avoid it any cost. Since the word count is already short you cannot add irrelevant material in your essay. Wordiness takes space and doesn’t leave any meaning in the paper.


Finally, conclude your essay in such a way that the entire idea and the problem are covered in it. This part must end the paper in a right way otherwise the entire essay would have no meaning in it if it doesn’t have any proper ending.

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