Everything You Need to Know About Literature Review

Students are assigned with different type of assignments every day, for example you can be assigned to do a movie review and you will have to watch it first and then thoroughly review it of course. As the name tells, you will have to go through the literatures in order to write a literature review. Logic can be wrong sometimes, so let’s learn about the facts.

What is a Literature Review?

A literature is basically academic writing such as books or articles. You cannot compare a literature review with a research paper. Research paper is commonly used to support an idea which can be on any topic. While a literature review is something totally different, it is not about anything new, in fact it is about discussing the existing idea about any topic. You will synthesize and summarize the given information to give your readers an overview. In simple words, your goal is to inform the readers instead of arguing.

How to Write a Literature Review?

I hope you have worked on research papers before, and you are aware of the research process as well, which requires a lot of time. There are a few important things that you need to know while you compose your literature review.

  • You must know the type of resources you can include in your review, whether you can use journals or books etc. Ask your teacher if you are allowed to use websites.
  • Another thing that you must inquire is the no. of sources which can be included. This can be found out when you review the guidelines of your paper; make sure they are included as per the requirements, not more not less!
  • You can split your literature review into two parts but you need to figure out the percentage for synthesis and summary of the paper. In simple words, you need to decide if you are going to summarize the paper mostly or how much of your paper would talk about discussing a connection.
  • Most important part is the format of your paper. Again, you need to review the guidelines and see which format you are required to use. Whether APA or MLA, make sure it is followed correctly.

Find the Correct Topic

It is very important that you choose a topic of your choice. If you have no interest in the paper, you might end up writing irrelevant material in your paper which will most likely bore the reader. You will be given a subject but you won’t be given an exact topic. For example your teacher would tell you to go for psychology subject but he won’t tell you which topic to choose.

A few Important Tips

  1. Choose the authentic sources
  2. You must synthesize the information
  3. Never include too many quotes

Before you begin writing the literature review, you must do proper research and find out how exactly it looks like.

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