Is it Plagiarism to Use Free Essays?

If your paper lacks originality, you can be penalized. From the very beginning, we are taught not to copy other people’s ideas and suggestions as it could result in being penalized by the academic institutes. Plagiarism is the art of copying other people’s work, but there are some instances where plagiarism is appreciated and even recommended by your professors.

Yes, we are talking about the free essay samples! Free essays are sample essays that are developed and uploaded by students to be used as a guide by other individuals. They are an absolute source of inspiration which can provide other people with remarkable techniques concerning, writing style, and format.

Just as the budding artists seek inspiration from the brush stroke and the painting techniques from the master painters, you can also utilize free essays as an example to jump start your writing spree.

Make a Habit of Learning from Example

Human brains are wired to learn effectively with the help of examples. This claim is supported by science as there is a mirror neuron system in our brains that facilitate human in mimicking things. Instead of studying hard, study smartly by using science in your favor.

By using free essays as an example for your writing developments, you will be using your brain’s potential to the fullest instead of trying too hard! This is yet another reason to utilize free essay samples to develop or imitate the writing style and formatting techniques of other individuals.

Master the Difference Between Copying & Finding Inspiration

The difference between copying and getting inspired from someone else’s material is vague. Often, people confuse inspiration with imitation and copy paragraphs from sample essay under the disguise of being inspired! This is the wrong way to go as plagiarism is plagiarism and can be easily detected through many tools available on the internet for free.

If you want to steal, then steal their style. Analyze their writing techniques, breakdown their formatting, and scrutinize their sentence structures. Devour anything you find amusing in the essay samples and try to adopt their style to discover your technique in this process.

Tips to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Writing

When producing a document using the material available on the internet, it is easy to commit unintentional plagiarism. It doesn’t matter how you have committed this unholy educational sin as long as you are timely counteracting it.

Use online plagiarism tools to detect any copied material that might have gone undetected. Moreover, always provide references to the material that is outside of your thinking capability. Even if you are paraphrasing, you are required to cite the content. For quotes, use quotation marks to avoid plagiarism. And most of all; don’t cite from sample essays as they are only there to enhance your writing style and techniques.

Learning by imitating other people’s techniques is a valued skill if used correctly. So find free sample essays, dissect their structure and try to learn their techniques to boost your writing style.

Meta Description: Plagiarism has various forms, but imitation is not one of them. Use the art of imitation to develop and enhance your current writing style for best results!

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