How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Essay Writing

Whenever writing a lengthy piece of manuscript, it is easy to fall into the trap of plagiarism without even realizing it. Of course, it is not easy, especially for students, to write a lengthy essay from scratch without taking the help from the internet. But the slightest mistake in including different people’s thoughts into your essay can turn it from original to plagiarized content.

To maintain the authenticity and the originality of your essay, you need to stay clear of plagiarism at all cost. In the post below, I have shared some methods which will help you from copying other people’s materials!

Paraphrase Content to Avoid Plagiarism

So you have come across something that will be perfect for your essay? Read it, understand it and try to paraphrase it into your words. Remember that you will still be required to cite the paraphrased content after every sentence, so it is not suitable to include every smallest detail into your paraphrasing. The preferable method is to read the content, identify the main or major point and only paraphrase them! Moreover, try to blend in, with the paraphrased content, your thoughts and ideas to avoid paraphrasing too much.

Use Quotation to Steer Clear of Plagiarism

Another trick to rid your essay from plagiarized content is by incorporating quotations. There isn’t much explanation needed for this part, so we will tell you how to use quotation marks instead! Whenever quoting a sentence, it better to identify a keyword and used that keyword in the quotation marks instead. If the sentence lacks a keyword, then get rid of quotation marks altogether and paraphrase the quote.

Furthermore, if the addition of a quote within your essay is mandatory, then stick with quotes that are of 40 words or shorter as block quote or quotes more than 40 words attract your professors’ disapproval.

Make Use of Citations

The use of citation is one of the most effective ways to shun plagiarism from your essays. Although many academic institutes have different guidelines and requirements for citation, the essence remains the same: to give due credit to people for incorporating their original thought and ideas in your essay.

Just check in with your academic institute or your professor to gain information about what format (APA, MLA, Chicago, or Turabian) you are required to use while citing text.

Cite Your Material

That’s right! You are required to cite your material if you have previously used whatever it is that you are using again.

If you are thinking of using some text that you have previously included into your research paper or any other document, you will be required to cite your material in the same manner as if citing other individuals’ work.

Once your essay is ready to go, go over the citations, quotation marks, and paraphrasing to ensure that you didn’t miss anything. Moreover, if you are still concerned about plagiarism, even after trying out the methods mentioned above, then there are tons of plagiarism-detecting tools which you can use free of cost.

Meta Description: Concerned about plagiarism? We have shared some foolproof methods that you can use to keep plagiarized content at bay!

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