6 Note-Taking Strategies to Write Better Essay

The most powerful somewhere properly.  Where your brain fails you, a habit of note-taking would always come to your rescue!

Note-taking is the written record of your lectures to help you sort information into different categories. Note-taking is important as it helps you avoid plagiarism, identify your internet sources, and recall complex information. So without further ado, let’s dive straight into the note-taking strategies that will help you write better essays!

Note-taking by Cornell Method

Don’t feel intimidated by the name as the Cornell method is simpler than it sounds. This method calls for the division of a single sheet into three sections; a narrow section on the left, a wider section on the right and small section at the end of the page. The narrow column is where you will store the keywords, key phrases or headers. The wider column is reserved for detailed information that you may have concerning those keywords, and the horizontal section is for you to summarize the keywords and detailed information for a quick reading session.

The idea is to help you sort your notes to quickly find the right information you’re looking for!

Forming a Mind Map

Begin by writing a major keyword in the middle of a clean page. Think hard about the kind of information that can be linked to the written keyword. Whatever idea, phrase, or question pops into your mind, write them down and connect them with a dotted line to the major keyword. At the end of this activity, you’ll have a full-fledged & detailed map of keywords and the information related to it!

Note-taking on Cards

Recording notes on cards is an old and effective method as it helps the brain retain information quickly. Reserve one card per fact or quotation that you find during your research along with its resource. This will help you categorize information quickly. Also, if you don’t want to use the traditional method, you can switch to the computer and keep your notes there.

Track Your Sources

Regardless of the amount of facts or ideas you take from the internet, be sure to record their bibliographical information too! To avoid plagiarism and to track your information for further reading, you can record the bibliographical information at the top of the page along with the information taken from the external sources.

Take Notes for Your Understanding

As your notes are for your easy understanding, there isn’t any need to write complete sentences or paragraphs. Write in keywords and phrases only as they will be enough to jog your memory later on!

Use Shortcuts

Use symbols and abbreviations to speed up your note-taking process. You can devise your set of symbols, or you can check out this handy list to save you some time!

All in all, note-taking is an easy way to compile information for your essays. So don’t forget to try these tips to craft an exceptional essay from scratch!

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