How to Write a Book Report that Doesn’t Suck!

Being assigned a book report is great until you realize that you don’t know what a book report is or how to write one. There is no need to panic because we are here to assist you with your report writing. Before getting too much into details, let’s delve the basics of a book report.

Book Report: What exactly is it?

A book report is a detailed, sometimes lengthy, account of the story, characters and important events of any particular book. Simply put, a book report requires the students to pen down the summary along with the detailed development of main characters and significant events in a comprehensive yet effective manner.

Selecting a Book

Selection of the book for the report is a bit harder than it seems as you have to choose a book that interests you. Moreover, it should be the one that fits your teacher’s requirements and is an easy yet riveting read.

Prewriting the Report

Okay, so you have selected your book, now what? The next step is the pre-writing. This step is necessary as it will help you craft an outline and remember important characters, events, motifs and symbols when writing the actual report.

Just keep a page with you while reading the book and note down every significant event, major characters, themes, recurring words, images, symbols and key events in the plot. Keep doing this until you have reached the end of the book. Upon finishing the book, you can review your notes for your report.

Preparing a Rough Draft

When summarizing the book, it is best to stay away from getting into extensive details. Also, there is no need to write the summary word for word as the author of the book had already done a wonderful job in penning down the story. So instead of including every event in your report, just focus on the main plot points and blend in your analysis of how those main events contribute toward the symbols, themes or motifs of the book.

Including Your Thoughts

If you are asked to express your opinions into your report, you must do so in a professional manner. Don’t express them in a way that suggests you are urging your friends to read the book. But do so in a way that compels your teachers to read the book. Include your reasons behind your liking and disliking the book. Back your opinions with proper explanations!

Preparing Final Draft

When you have prepared your draft, it is time to make a final report. Seeking opinions and feedbacks of others will help you identify your weak and strong points so take help from other experienced individuals and rid your report from mistakes and other structural errors.

And this is how you write a book report that is capable of impressing the evaluators!

Meta Description: Have a book report writing assignment? Worry not as we have shared details that will help you craft an amazing report from the ground up!

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