6 Prewriting Strategies to Get Your Essay Rolling

Crafting an essay complete with proper introduction, body, and conclusion from the ground up is a convenient task only if you have a pre-developed outline in front of you. This is where prewriting strategies come into the picture. All the techniques, brainstorming, outlines and rough drafts that you pen down before writing your actual essay are all part of your prewriting strategies.

Jumping down in your essay can be overwhelming this is why prewriting exists as it can get your essay rolling in the right direction. Below I have mentioned some most common prewriting techniques that will assist you in planning your essay!

Brainstorm for Ideas

The amount of ideas, thoughts, suggestions and opinions in your brain about your essay topic can be overwhelming. This is why brainstorming is mandatory as it provides you with an opportunity to assess evaluate and analyze every idea based on their importance. Simply, jot down all the words and phrases that pop into your brain. When you are finished, this list will help to categorize information into different parts of the essay.


Freewriting is just like brainstorming but instead of focusing on words and phrases you are required to freely write in sentences. Simply, set a time and start writing down every sentence that comes into your brain. Do not worry about your grammar as it is for your easy understanding. Moreover, if your brain runs out of ideas, keep writing previous ideas again and again to find any sentence that is buried deep within your brain. Keep repeating this activity until your timer goes off!

Forming a Map of Ideas

When you have enough ideas, words, and phrases from the previous two steps, you can now move on to the next step of developing your essay. Simply take out the most important word and write it in the middle of the page. Whatever you think of, which is related to that written word, will be linked with that specific word through a dotted line. By doing this, you will have a detailed map of ideas on a single page!

Develop an Outline

With the jotting down of important words, phrases and ideas come yet another important step: formation of an outline. The outline is your essay’s skeleton that will help you organize information into different parts of the essay according to their importance. This process will help you craft your thesis statement as well!

Form Critical Reading Habit

The last strategy that comes into the prewriting is critical reading. Now that you have developed an outline, it is important to critically read the material to stop yourself from mindlessly jotting down everything that you read on the internet. Invoke the critic in your brain and only focus on areas that are related to your topic.

So give all these prewriting strategies a try and if one of these doesn’t work for you then try to mold it so that it fits your needs. Also, be flexible and keep experimenting with these strategies as the same techniques may not work with every essay.

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