8 Steps to Write a Narrative Essay

As you know that narrative essay tells a story, it is quite different from other essays since it has a lot of descriptive components in it. While you write your narrative essay, you do not have to convince anyone, you simply need to add a purpose to your story. Now let me share the 8 important steps you need to follow in order to write an impressive narrative essay.

  1. Prompt carefully

You must understand the topic and guidelines carefully, not every student would do that but you must. When you know what you are supposed to write, it will be easy for you to choose the right topic.


  1. Choose the right topic

Once you know your prompt, it’s time that you choose a topic for yourself. You know what interests you, so got to make sure that you choose a topic that interests you to write on it. Make sure your chosen topic has enough information present on the internet so that you can quote authentic references in your paper as well.


  1. Outline

Before you begin writing your paper, you must know how you are going to construct your essay, and for that you need to outline the important sections, these sections include: introduction, Mix-Ups and Propositions.


  1. Find the right hook

You must start writing with something that attracts readers’ attention. It can be anything interesting about the topic, something that shows facts or stats. When you talk about the stats and facts you have to make sure that they are authentic and are taken somewhere reliable. Otherwise your readers won’t believe in words.


  1. Thesis statement

In this section you will share the experience and learning, just do not make it too descriptive. If you get too detailed here, you won’t have anything to conclude in the end. For example:

Due to fistfights, ferret bites, and the death of his friend Ashley at the hands of Radicals, The poor girl learned that you cannot regulate the events in your life.


  1. Use Descriptions

Talking about the body of your paper, you will have to get in details here. Your audience/supervisor wants to know the real story here. Make sure you provide as much information as possible. You can break the details into chunks of paragraphs and include vivid facts accordingly.


  1. Wrap it

Now it is time that you wrap up your essay in a thoughtful way. All the points that you had discussed above must be wind up now. You must present the ideas in a way that they don’t look loose. You can also write something that shows what changed your mind or what brought the idea into your mind.


  1. Revise

After the conclusion, do not just make the final submission. You must revise the paper thoroughly and look for grammar, typos and other spelling errors. Check if the formatting is correct and the guidelines. Once you are content with the paper, you are now free to make the final submission

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