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We all know that writing a research paper is time consuming for a student. You cannot just Google stuff and start writing whatever keeps popping in the results. You can’t even procrastinate when it comes to writing a research, since it won’t take simple hours in writing down and then you expect ‘A’ grade in your paper. So now that you know that it is a time consuming task, how can you make it work for you? Since it is called a “research” paper, it means you need to put some efforts in researching. Let me tell you what you need to do step by step.

Understand What You Have to Write

You may think that it is very easy to simply read a document and that you will be able to understand it completely. Great! But what happens if you are assigned to write a research paper on Vietnam War? Understand your requirements; see whether you have to write an argumentative essay, a research paper or a persuasive paper. Once you know what you are required to do then it will be easy for you to move to the next step of the assignment.

Choose a Topic

Now find a topic, make sure you choose an interesting topic, because if you lose interest in the middle of your paper, you won’t be able to conclude it in a positive way. Do not only keep your interests in mind while researching, make sure you choose a topic what is also interesting for the readers.

Create your Thesis

It is very important to express what you want to say about the topic you chose. With the help of thesis, you will share a roadmap of the idea of your mind. It lets the reader understand the idea of what he is about to read. If you do not work on this part, your paper will lack direction. So do not stress out and relax before you get started with this part.

Include Authentic Resources

Your readers don’t want to read something that doesn’t have any reference, even if they read it, they won’t believe it unless they see an authentic resource with what you are trying to say. So make sure while you do your research, you also take note of the references you used. This way you will make your research authentic and reliable.

Take Notes

As you note down links for references, you must take notes of the important information. Highlight the dates, authors’ names, or any other information that can be written down with referencing. This will also help you at the time of constructing the body of your paper. Make sure your notes are unique and useful.


Reviewing is very important for every writing piece you craft. We always write in rush which leaves grammar, typos and spelling mistakes in our documents. It better to always proofread your paper before final submission

If you follow the above mentioned steps to write your research paper, you will definitely end up in writing a perfect piece of research paper.

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