Steps to Improve Academic Writing

What can be the possible difference between texting your friend and writing an email to your boss. I don’t think you would email your boss with something like “dude, what up?”  Same goes with writing an academic paper, you cannot use slang terms and casual material. In fact you need to elevate your style to professionalism here. Academic entails a specific style and format, which needs to be professional, organized and clear. Let me teach you how you can improve your academic writing.

  1. Learn Academic Formatting

This may sound like an easy task, but when you are working on an academic essay; you must take very good care of the format.

  1. Use of Standard Fonts

The most common font style that is used in academic writing is Times New Roman with 12 pt. Use double spaced lining with 1 inch margin left in the sides.

  1. Citation

If you do not cite the resources you used, then your work will considered as plagiarism. So make sure you give credit to whoever you are quoting in your essay.

  1. Choice of Words

You want your readers to respect you so it in mandatory that you keep your tone professional and decent. Make sure you do not right anything that sounds sarcastic.

  1. Third Person Writing

You should never address the reader directly, make sure the tone you use id of third person while addressing your concerns, the use of first and second person sounds informal.

  1. Formal Language

Make sure you do not write like you speak, academic writing requires you to write in a formal language. There is no way you can ever write an academic paper in an informal paper.

  1. Explain Concepts

Keep in mind that expert educational readers are going to review your papers, so make sure your concepts are clear when you write, explain the minor details so there is no confusion.

  1. Audience Specific Appeal

Sticking with the topic is very important, and along with that you need to make sure that your content is as appealing as you want it to be. The reader you should know that you are writing in his benefit.

  1. Neutral Approach

While you keep your tone appealing, make sure that you do not go beyond flattering your audience. If you do that, it would count as exaggeration which is not preferred in academic writing.

  1. Support Your Argument

Since you know what you are writing is not your personal opinion then make sure you support it with the help of authentic resources.

  1. Choose Authentic Resources

If you decide to choose unreliable sources then you will lose the credibility of your content. Readers would always believe in credible resources rather than an unknown author.

Make sure you follow the above mentioned tips to improve you academic writing. These are the basics that every other student needs to be good at. Start practicing these tips and tricks and you will surely end up with good grades.

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