5 Ways to Protect Your Academic Documents

5 Ways to Protect Your Academic Documents

Any document that you have shared online can result in getting copied, so one needs to take some precautionary measures. Your code can be stolen, pictures can be ripped off and even your written can be plagiarized. Regardless of all these problems, there is something that you can do to protect whatever you are sharing online. Instead of leaving all your work online, you must take some steps to secure the ownership of your document.

The first step to make sure if your document has already been used online is to check by CopyScape. To use CopyScape, you simply need to paste the text in the search field and wait for the results to pop up. In order to protect your document from getting copied you must use the below mentioned tips.

  1. Myows

Myows was built in South Africa; this is one of the best ways to protect your document online. It doesn’t only enable you to register your documents online, but also tells you how to create a strong case against the copyright violation of your document. The tool also enables you to upload any type of document no matter it is an image, audio, text or any other type of document.

  1. DepotCode

DepotCode was built in Holland; the tool offers another best way to protect your document, even its code. When you upload your document to this tool, it would link your file to a specific QR code which saves your name, code and company name to the code of the document. Once you have registered your file, you can easily download a signed version and a link to your DepotCode page.

  1. Picuous

Picuous was built in Paris; is the best app to protect your images online. By uploading the images to their site you automatically link the site to your blog. So whenever somebody shares any of your images, it would automatically share the link of your blog. It would also share whatever information you entered at the time of registration. You can easily access Picuous online and read the instructions for further details.

  1. Offline and Online Watermarking

One of the best and easiest ways of protecting your image or any other academic document is by adding a watermark. This is the best way to get credited for your work. There are different ways through which you can watermark your document. Your text can de watermarked easily by Microsoft Word. However, there are some apps available online for Apple and Android user which they can download for free and watermark their photos and other documents.

  1. Creative Commons

This is not a way to protect your document, but if you license your work under your name under Creative Commas, you can assure that your work is used according to your desire. You can learn more about Creative Commas by logging on to their website.

With the above mentioned strategies you can protect your documents from getting stolen online. Make sure you follow one of the above mentioned strategies and stay safe.

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