Top Courses in 2017 to Improve Your Writing Skills

Living in today’s digital world, one cannot be expected to rely only on academic institutions for education. There are several universal skills which every student needs to have regardless of their field of study. The most important of which are writing skills. Any of your knowledge has no value if you are unable to communicate effectively. And we all know that most of the communication is in written form like emails, SMS and so forth. Henceforth, it is the need of the hour for everyone to polish their writing skills. However, most of people find it difficult to take time out of their busy schedule for the purpose. That is why online courses are most preferred and convenient means to improve writing skills.  Let me share with you some of the most productive courses.

A Beginner’s Guide to Writing in English for University Study

The course is provided by University of Reading which is a public research university. Located in UK. They provide several MOOCs for purpose of spreading reading and writing awareness. This specific course is for the guidance of students at university and college level. It makes them known to adequate use and development of their English skills especially focusing on vocabulary and academic grammar. In addition, various technical stages of writing a compelling essay are also taught in this course. According to the founders and developers of course their target audience is non-English speakers.

Thinking Like a Writer

This course is sponsored by Michigan State University which is a public research university in US. This course is based on self-awareness, to get the learner know where they stand in terms of expressing their thoughts and how they can improve their skills as a writer so that they might be able to leave a lasting impact on the reader. It covers the basic genres of Reading, writing and learning techniques. Social and theoretical collaborations have been designed to guide students through all the four phases of course.

English Composition

English composition is a course provided by Arizona State University through edX which is a nonprofit organization determined to deliver quality education to everyone. Professionals have designed the course to make students able to communicate their ideas competently. It will teach you to identify the needs of your audience and write accordingly. Along with that it is also consumed with habitual approach of mind while writing and how to address personal feelings. It allows the learners to identify their comprehension skills while writing and make perfect use of them.

Transform Your Writing Skills

This course is catered by UCI via Coursera. The course is basically a series of four courses in row which are interdependent on each other for proper understanding. The providers consider the course equivalent to a college or professional course due to the detailed study provided. Here are the four sub courses of series

  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Getting Started with Essay Writing
  • Advanced Writing
  • Introduction to Research for Essay Writing

The essence of each one is evident from the title of every course. It can be said that this course is the best way towards improvement of overall writing skills.

Meta Description

The importance of words cannot be denied by any means and the talent to put words accordingly is even more important, for which students often need to find online courses to help them improve their writing skills. In this blog, some of the most effective and comprehensive online courses have been listed to guide learners. However, you cannot always find the time to write everything yourself which is where we XYZ can be of assistance.

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