Professional Tactics Your College Doesn’t Teach You

Professional Tactics Your College Doesn't Teach You

College is a place where thousands of students around the world make unforgettable friendships, life lasting memories and funny little mistakes that stay on their books for a long time. Sadly, college life seems complete but this blog will enlighten you about ways your college have left you incomplete as the professional life is very different.

Along with a lot of things, college is supposed to be a learning hub for students. The technology is advancing at a fast pace but the learning is somewhere lost. Students are not familiarized with the very skills that they need to survive the professional life which is intimidating. Here are a few skills your college might not be teaching you but you must learn

Analytical Thinking

Sometimes, people come across a perplexing problem. The solution but lies right in front of them but they can’t see it. You know why? Because they lack analytical skills. Analytical skills empower you in ways you might never have imagined. You get to leverage your mental power in awesome ways not just in professional life, but personal lives too.


Somewhere between reproducing the lectures of professors and copy pasting assignments from Wikipedia, the creativity of students is somewhere lost. Sadly, the colleges nowadays fail to teach students how to unleash the power of creativity. If your sense of creativity is vanishing slowly, you need to keep a daily journal to throw your creative ideas into, and then use them later in some way!


Life becomes a whole lot simpler when you are able to put your ego aside and be a negotiator to solve your everyday problems. Some of your college fellows portray egoism in such amazing ways that students start to find it as personality attribute worth adoption and your college doesn’t discourage you there. If you are one such college students reading this now, please abandon your ego and learn to be a negotiator and a problem solver.


Most colleges spoon-feed students in ways that their leadership skills disappear with time. They forget what it means to be a leader and take an initiative. It doesn’t occur to you that a little effort as a leader can solve many problems when you step into professional life. If you are in college, learn to take initiative, lead teams, go for captaincy position in your college football team and you’ll not regret this attribute ever in your life.


Half of your problems are resolved when you are in the know and the image of a person comes in your mind who can bring you a solution, whenever you encounter a problem. Yes, this is the power of networking and this one of those things they don’t teach you in college either. Know more & more people, expand your social circle, come in good terms with your fellows and have more & more people in your favor bank.

More time you spend on developing the skills mentioned above, easier your professional life will be. If you are a freshman or going to be a graduate soon, focus on skill development so that you won’t have to suffer because of the barriers in professional life.

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College is where you learn but most colleges won’t you the very skills you need to excel in professional life. Use this blog to know about such skills. If your assignments are a hurdle in your way of learning these skills, can be your friend.

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