Learn These 4 Tips to be an Awesome Presenter

Learn These 4 Tips to be an Awesome Presenter

A college presentation can either make or break your reputation in front of your college fellows. Unluckily, many students suffer from stage fright and dread presentation like nothing else in their academic career.

Most students are stuck with stage fright or performance anxiety just because they find it too embarrassing to discuss it with their fellows and professors. Luckily, you won’t mess up your presentation because of stage freight because we have assembled some pretty cool tips right here for you

Let’s begin finding ways of overcoming stage fright

Prepare like a Pro

Just like a pigeon closes his eyes when it encounters a cat, students make the grave mistake of not preparing for the presentation just by assuming they won’t do good during the presentation. If you’re thinking that, stop right there.

Your presentation is one chance to build your reputation in front of the class. Prepare like no else knows better than you regarding the subject in question. A strong hold on the topic will take away half of your anxiety because you’ll then know that you excel at this.

Don’t Act Robotic

You know what’s the single most important ingredient of a good presentation? Well, it’s how you carry it all the way. There is a very chance your audience might not show any interest in what you have to tell them because you are acting robotic.

Be who you are. Start with a casual discussion with your peers, engage them in some sort of activity right at the beginning and come to the topic when they start showing interest in your topic. This way they’ll get an impression that you won’t bore them to death and they’ll eventually listen.

Do Some Practice

Don’t go into the presentation room unpracticed especially if you suffer from presentation anxiety aka stage freight. You have prepared well for your presentation long before its scheduled. That’s good but you have to practice the “presenting” part too.

You can start with practicing in front of a mirror. Preferably, record your mirror presentations and carefully observe your body language and presentation style to spot where you lag behind. Once you have done this, you can also practice in front of a bunch of friends.

Don’t Overthink it

Anxiety and stress are your two worst enemies when you are fighting with stage freight. Stop believing that our brain is hired-wired this way. Your brain can be your servant if you learn how you control it. Keep telling yourself it’s not a big deal and your mind will finally accept this.

Also, tell your brain that you possess the most extensive knowledge on the topic at hand you are standing in front of a couple of learners. This way you’ll be motivated to teach your peers something new and fear and anxiety will slowly vanish away.

You have just gone through some most important tips for overcoming stage fright in your college life. They secret of becoming a good presenter is to apply these tips while preparing your presentation so that you can nail it on that day.

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Presentations are a nightmare for most students because of stage fright or performance anxiety. This blog is your mini guide to overcoming stage fright. If you need help with your presentation slides, you can always visit papershelm.com for assistance.

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